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Triggo the Electric Quadricycle is Just Another Cool Ride!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

An Electric Quadricycle Like No Other, Triggo!

Are you looking for a little bit of fun and flexibility in a small transportation package? That’s the thinking behind the Triggo, a small electric quadricycle vehicle with a unique feature. This little electric moped scooter can squeeze into the tightest spaces on its urban mobility journey to get you from point a to point b.

The Triggo electric quadricycle is a capable moped/scooter that can reduce its average riding width from 148cm to 86cm, making it one of the most unique and maneuverable machines on the open road. The manufacturer of this mode of transportation had many situations in mind, starting with squeezing into the smallest of parking spaces:

Imagine bypassing gridlock traffic during rush hour as you roll through it in your Triggo:

Maneuverability is essential when using this as an average four-wheeled electric vehicle. When in its most expansive stance, it can achieve speeds of 90km/hr (55mph), and when in the narrow mode, it maxes out at 35km/hr (21mph). Even better, both methods can be switched while on the go! This is the equivalent of converting from a comfortable car to an agile motorcycle/moped.

Triggo is a startup company in Poland, so it is not surprising they were looking for a way around the obstacles many Europeans face daily. Also noteworthy is Triggo’s overall range. One set of batteries powers the two 10kW motors on board, giving the vehicle a total range of 140km (86 miles). The Triggo is equipped with a rapid battery swapping system or charged within 2 hours.

This quadricycle will seat two people, with the pilot in the front seat and the passenger directly behind them. The goal was the comfort and safety of an automobile yet have the flexibility of a motorcycle/moped.

Triggo is very high on their now available automated driving, meaning they are looking to license this to car-sharing companies worldwide. The user would open up the car-sharing application on their phone, order one of the Triggo rides anywhere within the city, and the Triggo would arrive to take them to the destination of their choice. Also of interest is the touring capabilities of the Triggo. These nimble rides are equipped with a “platooning” feature allowing for one pilot to be a tour guide of sorts with numerous Triggo’s following in close proximation as they sightsee throughout the city.

There is no word on the price point of an individual Triggo yet, but this ride was featured heavily at the CES show in Las Vegas in January of this year. The odds are in their favor. These small rides will see the light of day for no reason other than “Just Look Like Fun.” I can see the potential for this particular ride, particularly in big cities where parking is at a premium. Hopefully, they are equipped with a decent theft deterrent system!


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