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Introducing a (SPV) Smart Pedal Vehicle

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Something More Than a Bike!

Mocci, also known as the Magic Ride, was designed and manufactured in Munich, Germany, with the idea coming as early as 2014. Today, Mocci prides itself on having developed a new category for e-bikes. The Smart Pedal Vehicle (SPV) will supply energy to the rear wheel motor while the rider pedals. Even more surprising, all of this is achieved without a belt or chain.

Mocci, derived from Chinese, alludes to something similar to “magical movement.” The magical movement, in this case, is the pedaling done by the rider to drive the generator which powers the rear wheel. There is no chain and no belt, which means minimal maintenance. There is a large, replaceable battery for any needed support.

The construction of the bike frame foregoes the use of steel or aluminum for recyclable polyamide. This high-performance and durable design also make for a less heavy bike.

It is essential to note the simplistic design and fewer components.

How about a wheel with only one structural component?

The Mocci is also digital in its design in two areas. The gear system is unique and engages digitally once the rider pedals. The software mapping system within the bike will automatically adjust to the road condition, uphill or downhill, and always at the comfort level.

The rider will feel the ease and efficiency upon the first pedal—couple this with digital urban connections among riders, customers, companies, and the city government. Mocci also offers cloud-based interfaces and receives over-the-air updates. As an added benefit, the rider will receive real-time monitoring. The bike will also be equipped with a theft deterrent mode, causing immediate bike lockdown. How is that for “real-time?”

As mentioned before, a replaceable battery is a backup to the pedaling and has a range of 80km or almost 50 miles. The battery can’t be recharged while pedaling unless the pedal power exceeds what is needed to drive the rear motor. The Mocci does incorporate regenerative braking into its overall design, so energy can be recovered when stopping.

Mocci sees this as a bike for any uses, such as:

  1. Food

  2. Logistics

  3. Utilities

  4. Fleets

  5. Urban Riding

There will be a host of available carriers and trailers to ensure you can haul whatever you need. There is even talk of adding an automated cooler to the back rack powered by the bike itself. At the time of this writing, the proposed production of this SPV vehicle is the third quarter of 2022. Pricing has yet to be established by Mocci, but it will vary based on configuration. Stay tuned for future updates!


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