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The "Nimbus One" is Another Interesting Electric Vehicle!

An Electric 3-Wheeled Covered Motorcycle

Nimbus is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based company looking to make waves in the micro-mobility market of electric vehicles with their Nimbus One.

Miriam Webster Dictionary defines nimbus as meaning.

a luminous vapor, cloud, or atmosphere about a god or goddess when on earth

This wouldn’t be the first time a manufacturer came up with an extravagant name describing the vehicle or at least their “vision” of said vehicle. Think of the Nimbus One as a covered 3-Wheeled motorcycle with plenty of possibilities, even in the rain!

Nimbus’s primary focus is on the following, with particular regard for city driving:

  1. Mileage

  2. Parking

  3. Price

The Nimbus One has an estimated mileage, depending on how hard it is driven, of 91 miles to the charge. By the way, the battery is swappable, so it is possible to have a spare in waiting and possibly doubling your range.

This little vehicle can be parked just about anywhere, given its small footprint making it the perfect city vehicle.

Pricing is based on renting ($200/month) or outright buying for $9980. The company equates the less than $10,000 price as falling below annual insurance and gas.

Now for the added feature of the Nimbus One:

Safety is a significant concern, and this small vehicle is airbag-equipped with a steel-reinforced frame. Built to withstand impacts, the Nimbus is also made to avoid them. Artificial intelligence and onboard cameras work together to avoid other vehicles preventing dangerous or life-threatening collisions.

Another exciting attribute the Nimbus demonstrates is the ability to remain upright on sharp turns. The Nimbus will maintain its stability using its proprietary technology, keeping it centered and balanced.

This little ride can get up to 30mph within 30 seconds and achieve a maximum speed of 50mph, proving it is a little force to reckon with. A full battery charge can be obtained within 5.4 hours or 1.2 hours using a level 2 charger. The Nimbus also comes with a heater, with air conditioning being an optional add-on. You can play your favorite music through the onboard Bluetooth speakers and small display screen. Don’t worry; there is room behind the driver for extra cargo or another passenger. I suspect it might be a bit cramped.

This vehicle is currently available for pre-order with a $100 deposit. I hope you aren’t in a hurry because the scheduled delivery time is the 3rd quarter of 2023. As we all know, these dates are subject to change!


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