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An Electric 3-Wheeled Hybrid Vehicle Like No Other!

Awaiting the Successor to the Vanderhall Edison 2!

First, I have to start this article with the disclaimer that the Vanderhall Edison 2 (pictured above) is sold out and can’t be bought now. Second, they are supposedly going to announce the successor to this model soon. As you can see from the pictures, this is a 3-wheeled vehicle, electric in nature, based on the popular gas-powered Venice (pictured below) they currently sell.

Vanderhall Motor Works is a company based in Provo, Utah, founded by Stephen Hall in 2010. Stephen created his hybrid go-between of the auto cycle (Motorcycle/Automobile), and consumers have been enamored with it ever since. His vision started with the Laguna introduction in 2016, then Venice in 2017, and most recently, the Edison 2 (2020).

In Vanderhall’s own words:

Vanderhall roadsters are built with passion and by hand

The latest roadster, the Edison 2, made sense in today’s landscape to offer an all-electric version of an already highly sought-after vehicle. The move from gas to electric means no carbon emissions and a quiet ride. This particular vehicle is powered by two electric motors (one on each front wheel for 70 hp or 52 kW) for a combined output of 140 hp (104 kW). You can expect this vehicle to hit 60mph within 4.4 seconds, with a top speed of nearly 105mph. This will seem extremely fast in a vehicle with no roofs and no doors.

Vanderhall touts that the Edison 2 has a range of 200 miles based on the included 28.8-kilowatt battery. As is always the case, this will be significantly impacted by the speed you ride. My guess is to achieve this; you will have to creep along at a snail's pace going easy on the pedal. Real-world numbers may have you in the 130 to 150-mile range. While on the subject of the battery, you can expect to have the ability to charge at level 1 or level 2. Level 1 charging could take 18 hours, but level 2 will have you completely recharged in under 4.

The dash is as simplistic as you can with just three gauges, including the speedometer, power, and battery meter (pictured below). Note the push button start and the inclusion of a glove box. Also, note that the Edison 2 also incorporates regenerative braking. You can channel back some energy lost when braking back into the battery.

There is a Bluetooth sound system that will rely heavily on the tunes you bring with you. Expect your iPhone/Android to be the driving factor, as Vanderhall is banking on your riding experience to provide most of the thrills!

When the Edison 2 was available, it came in at under $35,000 with no shortage of demand. Needless to say, there are many people anxiously awaiting its successor!


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