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The World of eFoiling Just Got More Exciting!

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Fliteboard Introduces Their Series 3 eFoil Boards

E-foiling has been growing in popularity as a new and exciting way to enjoy the outdoors. The story starts with surf foiling or foil surfing, with a hydrofoil affixed rather than a fin. E-foiling took this up a notch by incorporating a propeller and battery. Waves have now become “optional”! Companies like XFoil, Lift, and now Australia’s Fliteboard are all introducing their versions with the latest innovations and improvements. Fliteboard is making waves with its Series 3 eFoils, including the world’s lightest performance eFoil and the most lightweight lithium-ion eFoil battery. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this e-foil special.

The Fliteboard Story Fliteboard was started by kite surfing champion David Trewern, who wanted to create an electric board that could be used in any waterway without restrictions or limits. Flite’s founder, former kite-surfing world record holder, and serial entrepreneur David Trewern first thought of combining an electric motor and a foil in 2016 while attending a windless kitesurfing event. After years of testing and experimenting, the first Fliteboard arrived in 2018. The goal was to make an electric board that could handle various conditions, from flat water to choppy swells. Several years later, they have introduced their latest innovation — the Series 3 eFoil.

What Makes it Special? The new Series 3 Fliteboard eFoil is the company’s most versatile board, appealing to most riders. The board is now available in an economical fiberglass version or the premium carbon fiber configuration; it is incredibly lightweight , weighing only 20kg (44.5 lbs). Add in the weight of the Flitecell battery, and you come in just below 70 lbs. This not only means you can fly through the air faster but also makes it much easier to transport — so you can take your e-foil on any adventure!

In addition to its weight savings, Fliteboard has also made some impressive technical improvements, such as increasing the range of its included Sport lithium-ion battery from up to 80 minutes! This gives riders more time out on the water before recharging their batteries. If you are looking for more range, upgrade to the Explore battery and see a foiling time of nearly 2 hours. These times will vary based on the weight and speed of the rider, but the numbers are calculated figuring on a 176lb rider.

Furthermore, Fliteboard offers a dual-drive system best described as a hot-swappable propeller or jet propulsion (Flightjet) system.

So why would the rider want to switch between the two? As I am starting to learn, the eFoiling crowd is a demanding bunch and always looking for the perfect ride. The Flite Jet system has a smaller diameter and is quieter and smoother when turning. Add in the fact it is more responsive, and you have an excellent option. The downside is it does use more battery and will reduce your range.

The propeller is still very effective, will offer more take-off speed, and will use less energy.

Taking the customization of the ride to the next level means offering a range of “wings” in the search for ultimate turning and control. It is safe to say Fliteboard has you covered with an array of options:

So what does this surfboard marvel cost? You can get into this sport starting at $9,995. Once you start customizing, don’t be surprised to see this price tag ballooning to closer to $15,000 when all is said and done. The focus of this article has been on the flagship model Fliteboard, but the company offers step-up models, including the world's lightest performance eFoil, the Ultra/L.

Conclusion: Fliteboard’s Series 3 eFoil is bringing advanced technology into an already exciting sport! With its lightweight design and improved battery life, it’s no wonder many eFoilers are choosing this electric board over others on the market today. Whether you’re a surfer looking for an exciting way to explore your favorite spots or an outdoor enthusiast looking for something new and different — the Fliteboard Series 3 may just be what you’ve been searching for!

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