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Your Next Water Adventure Needs the Scubajet!

This Brings Water Excitement Up a Notch!

Personal conveyance can take all forms, and a majority of what I write about focuses on land and sky, but now and then, it shifts to water. In this case, it focuses on water propulsion, and to do this, look no further than the Scubajet! This innovative device allows you to explore your favorite water spots more efficiently. Whether you’re a kayaker, scuba/snorkeler, or SUP enthusiast, the Scubajet is the perfect accessory for whatever adventure you take. Let’s find out more about this incredible personal underwater device!

The Scubajet is an incredibly versatile device that can serve multiple functions. It’s a powerful electric drive system with interchangeable propulsion units that allow you to easily switch between boats, kayaks, SUP (stand-up paddle boards), and more (pictured below).

To control a kayak or SUP, you need to buy the available remote controller, which consists of the following Bluetooth system:

When you are ready to explore the underwater world, you will need the dual-hand controller:

The intuitive controls and dash display will make even the most inexperienced diver a professional.

Its lightweight design and compact size make it easy to transport and store away when not in use. And best of all — the Scubajet is incredibly efficient and eco-friendly, so you won’t leave behind any carbon footprint as you explore your favorite waters. The greatest thing about the Scubajet is its versatility. With just one device, you can enjoy various activities on the water. Whether you’re looking for speed or want to cruise along at a leisurely pace, the Scubajet has you covered! It comes with variable speed control that allows users to go anywhere up to 11 km/h (7mph)— perfect whether you’re out fishing or simply taking in the scenery. Plus, its quiet motor means there won’t be any noise pollution to disturb other nearby explorers or wildlife. Finally, the Scubajet was designed with safety in mind. The device features an integrated emergency stop button that can be used in an emergency, giving users peace of mind while they explore their favorite waters. More importantly, this prevents the Scubajet from becoming a rogue runaway torpedo. Additionally, it’s equipped with an intelligent battery management system that ensures the battery never runs out during usage. These batteries are airline approved and can be transported in your carry-on. The batteries are part of a modular system and can be stacked to provide extended runtimes.

The Scubajet is available in three models starting with the Neo (500W), Pro (1000W), and the Pro XR (1000W). These are differentiated by tube size, which then correlates to maximum runtimes starting with the NEO (1 hour), Pro (2 hours), and the PRO XR (4 hours).

Don’t worry; each can be fitted with an LED light attachment for night diving.

You can expect a starting price of $1,250 for the NEO Scubajet, with the pricing rising to $2,290 for the Pro XR model. Each accessory you buy will raise that price even higher.

One thing is for sure if you're looking for an all-in-one solution for your next adventure, look no further than the Scubajet — it’s perfect for anyone who wants to explore their favorite waters effortlessly and safely. With its powerful motor, interchangeable propulsion units & intelligent battery management system — this device will ensure your every journey is fun & safe!


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