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Experience These Expensive Water Toys (Part 2)

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Enhancing Our Love of the Water: The eFoil by Lift

An overall view of Lift's eFoil board, mast, propeller and wing.
The eFoil by Lift (media by JC)

Keeping with the theme of having some money to burn and the promise of warmer weather ahead, we have a watercraft made by Lift called the eFoil. Lift has taken the sport of Surfboard Hydrofoiling into the electric age, making it even easier for newbies like me. With this ease of use comes a hefty price tag which plays into “Having Money to Burn.”

IT WAS INTRIGUING when I was first introduced to the foil (a hydrofoil surfboard). First, you had a surfboard with a wing attached to the underside. Propulsion was achieved in several ways, which meant you had to pump (See video below), use a kite, motorized watercraft, or other methods.

Non-electric powered foil propelling by way of pumping as the user moves through the water.
Foil Pumping (media by JC)

Lift has taken this one step further by bringing electric propulsion to the board. With this comes the starting price tag of $12,000. So what does one get for this hefty price, or should I say a small investment? How about the thrilling ride of a lifetime?

A nice docile ride in flat water.
eFoil Gliding (media by JC)

The first generation by Lift was released in 2018 and has only improved over the last few years. Currently offering their 3rd generation of boards, Lift’s eFoil consists of a board, mast, and wing, each constructed of forged carbon fiber. This material increases the eFoil’s strength while reducing its overall weight from earlier generations.

The lithium-ion battery is robust at 2.1 KW weighing about 29 lbs. The entire setup is accompanied by a bluetooth remote controller which main function is to control the speed. All of the board's movements will be controlled by shifting one’s weight and position on the board.

This next generation of electric eFoil surfboards allows for a full array of riding techniques. You can lay, sit, kneel or stand on the board with very little effort.

A sunset sitting ride on the eFoil
Sitting (media by JC)

Lift offers four different board sizes, along with various wing types. The size of the board will alter stability. For a person, my height (exceeding 72"), the bigger the board, the better, and the ride is more steady. The larger the wing, the higher the lift and slower the movement. Beginners should work on the bigger board along with the bigger wing. Calm (flat) water will be your friend when learning to maneuver the eFoil ride. As you perfect the riding experience, I can envision customizing the board with different wings to alter the type of riding experience.

You can expect a ride time exceeding 100 minutes at speeds in excess of 30mph. It is important to know a governor is available to limit the speed, especially for beginners. With a speed level control from 1 through 15, a newbie such as myself may hover this at level 4 until mastery over the board is achieved.

Safety is key with this board, and the unit takes extra precautions with regards to keeping its users out of harms way. The board will cut power if the board shifts past 45 degrees, if the user takes their hand off the remote trigger, or if the remote hits the water. This will eliminate the board taking off or hitting the user.

Such is the case with electric boards; the eFoil is nearly silent, allowing for discussions out on the open water.

A view of two riders on their eFoil's traversing nice still waters.
Two Riders (media by JC)

As stated earlier, having a certain amount of disposable income is key when plopping down $12,000 for this pastime. If you are a thrill-seeker, this sport will become your latest addiction. If you have access to water year-round this may be the investment for you. For part-time adventurers like me, I will have to stick to renting.

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