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The Quadrofoil: The Must-Have Watercraft For Water Enthusiasts!

Another Expensive Water Toy in the Q2S Quadrofoil!

Every summer, when it starts to get hot, I begin to think about the open water and the watercraft we use to traverse it. People tend to flock to the water to cool down when it's hot. What better way to experience the water than to find new watercraft to take advantage of it. Several years in the making, the latest such watercraft is the Q2S Quadrofoil, an electric hydrofoil watercraft that seats two.

A quick ride on the Quadrofoil Q2S as it splashes by the camera.
Quadrofoil Ride (media by JC)

So who exactly is the company behind the Quadrofoil? In their own words:

We are a hi-tech electrical engineering company with a mission to change the way society embraces water sports and transportation. Our team of skilled engineers, nautical enthusiasts, and progressive visionaries, designed and manufactured the revolutionary electric-powered and completely environmentally friendly personal hydrofoiling watercraft.

As mentioned in an earlier article, there are several positives to a watercraft (hydrofoil) that creates a minimal wake. (Just ask the city of Venice)

Hydrofoils are extremely energy efficient, with very little being wasted. The Quadrofoil requires roughly 16 feet before the vessel becomes “airborne” or begins to “Foil” above the water. At this point, the hull is entirely out of the water and away from the waves and water, significantly reducing drag. Not only this, but the ride becomes smooth and quiet. Think of the sound as a spraying waterfall!

Now for the details:

The Quadrofoil will operate on a full charge for close to 2 hours or 80 km (49miles).
A 5.5 kW engine paired with two 5.2 kWh batteries
Expect to achieve speeds over 21 knots (24 mph)
This being electric, it can claim zero emissions
The Quadrofoil includes a battery management system (BMS) that ensures battery performance optimization and enhanced charging capabilities.

All this can be had for the price tag of $35,000, excluding tax and delivery charges. Again, this is an expensive water toy with some pretty unique features. The thrill and serenity of hydrofoiling for one or two people may be enough to drive this purchase. Imagine the head-turning as you roll by other boats and swimmers. You most certainly aren’t buying the Quadrofoil because of the “speed”!


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