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Fisker Inc. is Introducing a Unique Electric Crossover SUV!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Innovation is on Full Display!

Fisker Inc has just introduced us to the Fisker Ocean One (pictured), an electric crossover SUV bringing a good deal of innovation into a quickly growing market segment. This 5-passenger car is stylishly designed by a seasoned veteran, and range anxiety is no concern.

First, we need to know a little about Fisker Inc and its mastermind. As per the official biography site:

Henrik Fisker is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Fisker Inc., an American automaker based in California USA, revolutionizing the development of electric vehicles with game changing battery solutions. Best known among his creations are iconic cars such as BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Artega GT, Fisker Karma, Viking motorcycle, Rocket and more recently Destino V8 and Force 1.

One of the biggest complaints with electric vehicles is that pollution-creating sources create the electricity that recharges the batteries. For this reason, more and more vehicle manufacturers are looking for alternative energy sources like solar. I wrote about one such company (Lightyear One) here using solely solar to power the vehicle.

The Fisker Ocean One has a complete solar panel roof called SolarSky (pictured above) with the ability to generate 1500 miles range over a year. The vehicle may achieve close to 2000 miles of range in the most ideal conditions.

Fisker Inc's emphasis when designing this vehicle was sustainability, reflected throughout the entire car. The hubcaps use recycled carbon; the interior is constructed of upcycled materials such as plastic bottles and other recycled plastics. This is the first step in Fisker Inc’s journey to becoming carbon neutral by 2027.

The Fisker Ocean One is equipped with their hyper-range battery giving up to 350 miles of range on one charge. Expect this vehicle to go from 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds.

As has become more and more common with electric vehicles is bidirectional charging capabilities. This is to say; the Fisker Ocean One can be charged or share its charge with another car, home, or optional electric equipment. Think of the vehicle as a mobile charging station.

Fisker changes up the infotainment system with revolving capabilities (pictured below). Most manufacturers have a stationary screen that sacrifices and emits information due to the smaller screen aspect ratio. When not driving, the viewer can be entertained in both portrait or the most appealing landscape mode. Movies can be experienced like they were meant to be seen in the 16:9 aspect ratio on the large 17.1" screen.

What infotainment system is complete without a good sound system. Fisker promises its system to be amongst the best with the HyperSound Audio System. With 500 watts of power, 16 speakers, a 20.5L subwoofer, and one of the largest 6-channel dashboard speaker arrays, the system immerses everyone in 360-degree sound.

Here is a feature seemingly becoming more and more popular. The Fisker Ocean uses ultrasonic sensors and surrounding cameras to park the car automatically. This can be done parallel or diagonal while detecting any person, animal, or object. If a foreign object is detected, the brakes will be automatically applied.

Being Fisker Inc is a California-based company, it is no surprise they have incorporated California mode into their Ocean’s configuration. When this mode is engaged, eight windows roll down and back, giving the driver and passengers a convertible feel to the car. As pictured, you can even hang your surfboard out the back door.

In addition to California mode, you can also engage Limo mode. The passenger will have their display and will be able to control their HVAC options,

I was shocked by the market speed and the pricing regarding the Ocean One. The Fisker Ocean One will start production later this year, and they are taking reservations for the price of $250. The Fisker Ocean One, as reviewed, contains all of the options above for the healthy but very reasonable starting price of $68,999 and will also be considered the launch edition of 5000 units. Fisker was able to achieve this by outsourcing its production.

Outsourcing with a proven manufacturer like Magna ensures that the cash to build Fisker’s manufacturing facility can be redirected to the car itself. The critical takeaway is bringing the vehicle to market quickly and less expensively.

Fisker will go further in the future by offering three additional, lower-level options at less expensive price points. The entry-level Fisker Ocean Sport has a smaller battery but a very appealing $37,499 price point. You will lose several of the options above, but not all of us need all of the bells and whistles.


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