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The Hypercar is a Transportation Market Segment Unto Its Own!

Drako Motors "Dragon" is Looking to Expand the Definition!

Drako Motors recently teased/announced the “Dragon,” which will take the electric hypercar to the next level. Imagine an electric sports utility vehicle with tremendous torque and power coupled with motors on each wheel. This quad-motor concept takes the car to a whopping 2000 hp.

First, I had to look further into what is considered a hypercar? It was interesting that my first landing site was the Ferrari website. In Ferrari’s own words:

A hypercar considers what’s being done and moves beyond it. Performance — particularly top speed and acceleration — is the crucial determining factor, though there are no agreed-upon demarcations. The hypercar designation is fluid with where engineering is at the time. What’s clear is that a hypercar is going to outperform the supercars on the market.

The “Dragon” will exceed the blistering speed of 200mph, achieving 60mph in 1.9 seconds. It will also hit a quarter-mile in 9 seconds flat. Expect high performance on- and off-road due mainly to the included 3-stage suspension.

The vehicle will be manufactured in San Jose, California, after being designed in Italy. The vehicle's overall design is European-inspired and extends to the car's interior. In Drako’s press release:

Likewise, the cabin is wrapped in Europe’s finest, most sumptuous leather, exuding luxury and comfort, with a unique layout and easy ingress/egress.

There are a lot of unknowns at this stage of the game, not the least of which is the vehicle's overall look. The official reveal of the Dragon is set for later this year, hence why these pictures are shrouded in shadows. Drako is giving us just enough to be highly intrigued.

While we know the interior will be luxuriously set up, we have no idea what type of dash infotainment system will be available. We also do not know the battery's range or overall size. We do know the plan is to develop and manufacture these batteries in-house.

Pricing is also a bit sketchy, but there is promise it will be on par with or a little bit cheaper than all major competitors in this space. In other words, expect it to be expensive, just not “as expensive.” Reservations will be taken in advance, and I suspect there will be plenty of happy consumers looking to get in line for this “hypercar.”


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