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You Have Heard of the Cybertruck, Now Meet the THUNDERTRUCK!

The Electric Truck Market Just Got a Little Bigger!

What do you get when you mix “creative consultancy” that is always solving? In this case, you get THUNDERTRUCK by the think tank Wolfgang. This electric vehicle was designed as an on-road and off-road electric vehicle that will adapt to all-terrain while maintaining high performance throughout.

Wolfgang, are the creators of the THUNDERTRUCK and describe themselves like this:

Comfortable with remote working, we quickly identified and assembled an international team of top automotive designers, sculptors, engineers, research consultants and marketers. Given that the auto industry had been hit hard by the global pandemic, securing top talent was made easier.
This was the perfect opportunity for all involved to showcase their skills and expertise. Having an “open brief” would allow us to push the boundaries of what’s possible. With a little imagination and a team of global experts we set out to show the world what an EV could be.

To sum up, they had the talent, time, and the know-how to design an EV Truck beyond compare. They could come together in a brainstorming session and pull together various ideas and designs. During these sessions, where no idea was considered too “crazy,” they could eliminate those ideas that were not feasible and settle on something creative but functional. I won’t say beyond compare because let’s all agree this will be directly compared to Tesla’s Cybertruck (pictured).

The THUNDERTRUCK was also designed with range extension in mind, with the ability to transform from a typical 4x4 truck to a 6x6 (Pictured below). With this add-on, the vehicle will achieve up to 160 miles of additional range, up from the current 400 miles. The added extension will improve traction and provide extra battery capabilities for your camping needs.

How about the option of becoming a massive solar generator?

The solar awnings are meant to fold out in a wing-like fashion (pictured above) while providing shade in a stationary position. I can envision this being the ultimate tailgating vehicle. There will be days where the awning will be the most critical feature, with the solar capacity being the added benefit.

At night the vehicle has a camping tent you can extend over the 6 ft bed for actual off-grid camping.

The THUNDERTRUCK claims to reach speeds of 60mph in 3.5 seconds and has a towing capacity of 7500 lbs. The interior is very simplistic in nature until you look at the dash.

The dash is mostly digital with a HUD (Heads up display), and the center council has an intriguing holographic display. Pretty exciting, if not flashy, to see!

Conclusion: Truth be told, the THUNDERTRUCK can be everything and nothing at once. On paper, the possibilities are endless, along with all of the options. There is no talk of price or availability. It is extremely exciting to see the creative juices flowing regarding the latest EV technology. I remember the massive fanfare regarding the Cybertruck, which has been years in the making. Yes, they are still in the process of making the Cybertruck which was pushed out to 2023.

The THUNDERTRUCK has the makings of a great vehicle. However, I imagine this concept and the actual production vehicle will be a bit different and is still several years from reality. By then, I suspect we will see several competitors enter this market. Good luck THUNDERTRUCK!


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