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A Utility Terrain Vehicle Like No Other!

Meet Volcon's Latest Electric UTV Offering!

I was recently in upstate Michigan visiting family, and the amount of UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles) and ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) I saw traveling North was astounding. It is not unlike the winter when those same owners transport their snowmobiles to traverse the same paths. I always marvel at the amount of money spent on these favorite pastimes, which brings me to the latest innovation from VOLCON EPOWERSPORTS and their “STAG.”

The STAG is years in the making but is looking to be finally realized for a 2023 production. When looking further into what the STAG offers, the specifications are “eye-opening,” to say the least. Typically UTVs are less nimble than ATVs and top out at 50mph. This unit has increased its comfort and agility as much as possible for a 4-seater and tops out at a blazing 80mph.

An overall range of 100 miles can be achieved when the unit is run in ECO mode, but if you are heavy on the accelerator, expect this range to dip accordingly. The STAG has 125 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque, which means the minute you push the pedal, you will get instant acceleration. If this isn’t enough, you can have the exclusive Paddle Shift and overboost mode accessory installed to increase overall motor output to above 140 hp. I am sure there will be plenty of users in line for this “necessary” upgrade.

A feature of an electric UTV that VOLCON highlights are low maintenance. ICE (Internal Combustion Systems) need oil, filter, belt, and transmission fluid changes at regular intervals. Electric vehicles like the STAG have a closed motor system which requires none of the above. Even brakes will last longer due mainly to the included regenerative braking system, which will take some pressure off the braking system and return it as power for the STAG.

The STAG, because it is electric, will also be nearly silent when out on the trail, causing as little disruption as possible for the surrounding wildlife with no emissions. Although, disruption goes out the door when you are ripping the open backroad at 80mph. It has a 42kWh battery that can be recharged in 6 hours with level 2 charging to achieve this speed and power.

Now let’s talk about the dash display. In VOLCON’s own words:

Volcon is here to redefine the off-road experience, inside and out. The Stag’s driver-centric cockpit is developed with two innovative displays that deliver unparalleled Human Machine Integration (HMI) providing full control and visibility for the driver.

The STAG will come equipped with two onboard cameras to capture video of your off-road experience. The main dashboard displays speed, battery charge, driving mode, brake regeneration, and energy consumption. The central display is equipped with camera views, route planner, off-road gauges, connectivity, and vehicle status information.

Don’t worry about this vehicle’s towing capacity because when switched over to TOW Mode, it can haul 2000lbs. The back passenger seats can also fold to nearly double the bed's volume to 26.7 cubic feet of storage.

You can reserve this beast for the low cost of $100 but be warned this is non-refundable. This is to hold your place in a quickly growing line of rabid customers for the entry price level of $39,999. This price will climb once you start adding on the optional extras. Expect to take delivery from your nearest dealer no sooner than the Summer of 2023 if all proceeds as planned.

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