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Experience a Quiet Electric Pontoon Boat Ride!

Welcome PURE WATERCRAFT and Their Electric Watercraft!

What better time is there to talk about a pontoon boat during the hot days of summer? This particular electric watercraft manufactured by Seattle-based Pure Watercraft was created with a few things in mind. First, it had to eliminate carbon emissions as watercraft have been known contributors for years. Second, it had to have enough room for family and friends to come together. Last but certainly not least, they had to make the ride as smooth and quiet as possible to converse with your company for long periods.

Luckily for us, the Pure Watercraft Pontoon created in collaboration with General Motors (GM) is ideal for all of the above reasons. (Added note: GM owns 25% of PURE WATERCRAFT)

How about single or twin Pure Outboard motors? Are you looking for a maximum speed of 23mph? If so, the twin Pure Outboard motors are the way to go. If you are looking to save some money and reach a maximum leisure boating speed of 14mph? The single outboard motor is enough to quell your appetite!

Measuring 25' 9", this fully integrated electric boat accommodates up to 10 passengers, with plenty of room to spread out.

Now for the actual estimated travel range of this electric vessel.

Single Motor: Expect a range of 32 miles at a top speed of 14mph. If traveling at an average rate of 5 mph, you will get a maximum range of 120 miles.

Dual Motor: Expect a range of 26 miles at a top speed of 23mph. If traveling at an average rate of 5mph, you will get a maximum range of 120 miles.

These are fully sealed, corrosion-resistant outboard motors with no water intake, making them ideal for salt or freshwater. Given they are fully sealed, they contain no fluids and require no winterization. Maintenance costs are next to nothing! The estimated life of the outboard motor comes in at over ten years with daily leisure or commercial use.

The throttle (pictured above) is Bluetooth enabled, meaning firmware updates can be performed automatically. The unit constantly monitors and records the electric powertrain throughout its performance.

Also important to note, this electric pontoon comes with a Level 1 charger but can utilize Level 1, 2, and 3 charging to charge the GM 66kWh battery pack. Level 3 DC fast-charging will charge the battery from 0 to 80% within 60 minutes. Level 1, the slowest, will charge from 50% to complete within 30 hours. Level 2 will charge from 50% to complete within 5 hours.

Pricing starts at $45,000 for the single outboard model and $65,000 for the twin outboard model. You can place your pre-order with a fully refundable $100 deposit. There is no word on when you might take delivery, but you can bet these will be in high demand.


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