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The "Typhoon" is An Aquatic Utility Vehicle!

The World’s First (AUV) Aquatic Utility Vehicle!

Everyone has heard the saying “bigger is better!” The team at Shadow Six Racing took this to heart and posed the question of what would make water sports better, along with sea transportation? They decided to kick it up to overdrive and came up with something unique: the world’s first aquatic utility vehicle, the Typhoon. At first, I thought this was a joke, but I looked further into it and couldn’t have been more wrong.

At first glance, it looks like an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) using a pair of jetskis, almost like a pair of pontoons. The difference is these pontoons are powered to 250 hp each for a combined overall horsepower of 500. This means that the vehicle, a Polaris ATV body kit, is attached to these powerful motors, ready to take on the demanding punishment of hitting the open water at crazy speeds. The Typhoon comprises a highly resilient yet lightweight tubular titanium frame and carbon body to achieve all of this.

Also essential to dampen the jarring ride is the inclusion of long travel Fox shocks on each corner. The overall weight of this watercraft is 2365 lbs, with a small amount of weight (365 lbs) attributed to the ATV body above water. The Typhoon will maintain its low center of gravity throughout its flying turns with its Cornering Control system. If there is anything, the Typhoon isn’t “top-heavy.” Don’t worry; the roll cage is still in place, just in case the ride gets a little out of control!

The Typhoon can transport 1 to 3 individuals at the speed of 68mph, with the option to upgrade and achieve speeds over 80mph (of course).

Shadow Six Racing has been very forthcoming with updates on the Typhoons progress throughout the build, and much of this is available on their Tic Tok site found here:

How much does this “bad boy” cost? Expect to pay a whopping $250,399 for this incredible vehicle. If you are interested in this wicked offering, expect to stand in a long line with Shadow Six Racing backlogged with backorders. It could be a lengthy wait!



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