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This is the First Production Ready Electric Personal Watercraft

Introducing the Taiga Orca!

With a starting price of $17,940 for the Taiga Sport, this personal watercraft has to offer something special for the user to get the biggest bang for the buck. Lucky for us, these offerings from Taiga do precisely that! As of today, these personal watercraft by Taiga Motors(which include jet-skis, wave runners, or water scooters as they are known) are the first all-electric production models on the market.

With the Taiga Orca, you have several features, not the least: all-electric and the benefit of silence and zero carbon emissions. One of the most significant negatives to owning a gas-powered PWC (personal watercraft) has always been their loudness. The use of electric changes the entire experience. With only the sounds of the water crashing upon the hull and the gentle whir of an electric motor, this is a game changer. Also of note is the thrilling feeling of instant throttle. In other words, when you hit the throttle, you won’t feel the typical lag one would have with a gas-powered PWC.

Taking all of this into account, as well as low maintenance, and you have a bevy of reasons, the Orca is a viable way to go. No gas, no oil, and no winterization at the end of the year. Take the Taiga Orca out of storage, charge it, and plop it in the nearest lake. Now it's time to ride!

Taiga Motors, the manufacturer of the Orca, is a Montreal, Canada-based company reinventing the Powersports industry with electric off-road vehicles, like snowmobiles and personal watercraft. This start-up prides itself on leading the blazing charge on the trail ahead rather than following suit. Their primary focus is snow, dirt, or this article's focus on water.

As mentioned earlier, the $17,940 price tag is the starting price for the Sport model, and the pricing rises from there. You can expect the Performance model to start at $19,490 and top off at $26,500 for the Carbon offering. These pricing schemes are all figured in before tax and delivery charges are factored in. The Performance and Carbon series offer additional color schemes for a more customized experience. With the Carbon series, you can take on a passenger for a thrilling 2-person ride.

Both the Carbon and Performance line of Orca’s come with added power to the tune of 160hp (120kW), up from the Sport’s 90hp (67kW). If you are looking for the most power and speed, either the Performance or Carbon will be the vehicle of choice.

These models will offer up to two hours of continuous riding based on the “Range” mode. The Performance and Carbon have included three modes with the addition of Wild, as opposed to the two modes included in the Sport model (Range, Sports). Wild will give you full access to all 160hp but at a reduction in range.

All three models include level 1 (14 hours) and level 2 (3.5 hours) charging. The Carbon model provides level 3 (30 minutes at 80%) charging to get you back on the water much quicker.

The Taiga OS, already utilized in their snowmobiles, provides a connected experience from start to finish. Expect “over the air” updates to keep the operating system up to speed with the latest offerings. The whole system was designed to enhance the rider's experience.

If you opt for the Taiga Orca Carbon model, consumers are already taking delivery in select territories. Taiga is taking pre-orders with a $1000 refundable deposit if you are looking for the Sport or Performance models. Hopefully, you will be as excited about your new Orca as this rider is!


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