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Everyone Has “That” Friend!

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

The Friend Known For Something (Not Always Good)

I figured I would put pen to paper and describe something that has always irked me about my friend. We all have friends who have developed or exhibited some habit or trait to which we assign our friend’s name directly. Let me give you an example. You just pulled a “Josh,” or that is so “Karen,” as it has become quite popular nowadays. Karen was my mother’s name (I wonder how she would feel about that, but I digress).

One of my friends became very infamously known for being non-committal to any event. It was almost like he had a list of options, and he was weighing them at all times. This gentleman was crafty in his responses when invited to an outing. He would generally say, “That sounds nice,” or “I should be there.” He may pepper in a conditional response of, “If this doesn’t happen, I will most likely be there.” He was a master in his answers and had a million of them. It indeed was an art form and almost became a game with him.

It wasn’t until we called him on his “shit” that he started to show up to a few events. His “might” turned into “I told you I would make it.” His motivation to make it to get-togethers was not to be ribbed by his friends. He had developed a habit and one he most likely would never break. In either case, he earned his name, becoming a negative adjective.

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