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Take Me Home; I have “Food Coma”!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

What Is Food Coma and Was It a Good Excuse?

A young woman totally passed out from food coma.
Food Coma (media by JC)

Here we were, finally connected and on our first date. I wasted no time introducing my date to my friends as plans were already made to meet at our local restaurant. She was the daughter of my aunt’s friend, and the two of them had been looking to connect us for quite some time.

Several plates of food being shared amongst friends.
Eating With Friends (media by JC)

We had a lovely night; my friends were jovial, and no topic was off the table. The food was hearty, and after the meal had ended, we would reconvene at one of our houses nearby to continue the night.

A young lady passed out from food coma with a hamburger in the foreground.
Food Coma (media by JC)

This was when I heard the fateful words, “Please take me home; I have Food Coma.” Remember that this was 20 years ago, and I had never heard the term. To say I was caught off guard would be an understatement. Sure, one would joke after a Thanksgiving meal, I will go into a coma from overeating, but did she eat that much?

At this point, I took her home at her request, and we would talk the next day again. This was quite the topic of conversation when I arrived at my friend’s house with no date. I let everyone know she wouldn’t be joining as she had gotten “food coma.” Imagine many jokes at my expense, as this was the ultimate blow-off.

I want to call out to my surprise that “Food Coma” exists and is more commonly known as postprandial somnolence. You can read numerous articles on this condition, like the one written by Malia Frey. Is it possible my date had a food coma? Probably not, as I later learned, she was dating someone in the Cleveland area at the time. It was one heck of a story and something my friends and I laugh about to this day.

I ended up marrying this woman (Not really)! We did date again in the future for a short stretch, but the “food coma” was something I could never get over.

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