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Zero Mass Water Introduces SOURCE Solar Panels-Potable Drinking Water Using the Sun

These Innovative Solar Panels Produce Potable Drinking Water

Sustainability and renewable energy have been the most talked-about topics worldwide in the past few years, and companies are developing innovative ways to address these issues. Among these companies is Zero Mass Water, a US-based startup that has revolutionized how we think of solar panels. Their SOURCE hydropanel arrays produce water instead of just electricity, providing a new source of clean drinking water for people worldwide. SOURCE is available both for commercial applications and residential applications. This blog post will focus on the technology behind SOURCE's residential device and explore why it can potentially change the world.

The SOURCE is the world's first renewable drinking system. The SOURCE device is a unique solar panel that uses sunlight to extract water vapor from the air, purify it, and deliver it to your faucet. The device comprises two main parts: the hydropanel array and the SOURCE controller. The hydropanel array consists of multiple solar panels that work together to absorb sunlight and produce water by utilizing a unique material called a "hygroscopic" material, which can absorb moisture from the air. The SOURCE controller then purifies the produced water using a mineral cartridge that eliminates impurities and harmful chemicals. The water is fortified with magnesium and calcium, giving it that "pure" taste we have all come to love.

THANKS TO ITS UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY THAT CAN EXTRACT WATER FROM ARID PLACES WORLDWIDE. The SOURCE device is designed to work in almost every climate and every day of the year. After all, air contains water vapor even in the planet's driest regions. According to Zero Mass Water, their hydropanel array can each produce an average of 3 to 5 liters of water per day, which means that a group of two hydropanels can supply enough clean drinking water for an average family.

The residential R3 solar panel (pictured above) also has a 4.8-gallon under-sink storage vessel to accumulate the water produced. If more extensive tank storage is needed, there are 20-gallon and 40-gallon options available. Any excess water not collected in the tank will then be routed through an off-take tube, into alternate vessels, or directly into the outside garden.

The SOURCE device is not just a solution for households that lack access to clean drinking water; it's also a sustainable solution for reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions. Traditional bottled water requires vast amounts of energy to produce, transport, and dispose of, resulting in more than 2.5 million tons of plastic waste generated each year. By having clean drinking water using the sun's power, Zero Mass Water's SOURCE device reduces the carbon footprint of water production and eliminates the need for plastic bottles.

Furthermore, the SOURCE device is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Unlike traditional water sources that may be polluted or need complex and expensive infrastructure, the SOURCE device, coming in at 300 lbs, can be installed on a rooftop or the ground and immediately start producing clean drinking water. The device's mineral cartridge needs replacement every six months, and Zero Mass Water's app alerts users when it's time to replace the cartridge. The air filter is to be changed annually.

These hydropanels are on backorder, with the first shipments scheduled for October 2023. Also important to note is that these panels are not made for areas with a prolonged freezing climate. We here in the Midwest are not the target market. Perhaps SOURCE's next innovation should be a self-contained climate control system so we all can partake in clean water year-round.

Conclusion: Zero Mass Water's SOURCE device is an innovative solution that addresses pressing global issues such as water scarcity, plastic pollution, and carbon emissions. By utilizing the sun's power to create clean drinking water, the SOURCE device provides a new source of drinking water that is sustainable, affordable, and easy to access. Surprisingly, the residential R3 panels come in just shy of $3,000 each.

Furthermore, their technology can work in almost every climate and every day of the year, offering drinking water solutions to those who live in some of the world's driest regions. The SOURCE device's positive impact is set to increase as more people adopt it. Therefore, the SOURCE device represents the perfect intersection of technology and sustainability.

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