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Levante Brings Origami-Inspired Portable Solar Panels to Market

These Portable Solar Panels Are Solutions to Accessible Renewable Energy

The world of solar power is continuously evolving. One subset of solar power technologies that has garnered much attention is portable solar panels. Nowadays, you can find several varieties of portable solar panels that can help people stay powered even on the go. Recently, a solar design startup called Levante introduced an origami-inspired solar panel that has taken the market by storm. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into Levante's solar panel design, its features, and possible applications.

The Origami Design Levante's solar panel design is a "breakthrough" regarding versatility and portability. The design is inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, "origami." Maybe not a breakthrough, given that Sego also uses this concept with the smaller solar panels I wrote about in an earlier article.

Like the Sego, the Levante panels fold in and out but in a delicate wing-like movement, powered by a set of micro-hinges integrated into the design. It's also important to point out the size of the Levante panels, with the panels maxing out at 330W and 500W, respectively. The overall design and mechanism of the panels look very clean and sleek and have an aesthetic appeal. These panels are also modular, meaning additional modules can be attached to boost the power grab.

Redefining Portability Levante's solar panels are touted to be some of the most portable solar panels ever made. They can be packed down to a fraction of their total surface area, a significant advantage for anyone traveling with them. The panels are lightweight and made of ultra-thin film technology known to be bend-resistant.

Power Generation Capabilities The solar panels are outfitted with monocrystalline cells, allowing them to efficiently generate significant amounts of power and give them the strength to charge small and large devices. The panels can also be customized to work with multiple devices or charge multiple devices simultaneously, making them ideal for camping trips, RVs, boats, or even as part of an off-grid homestead.

Applications Levante's solar panels are designed for different scenarios, from car camping and RVing to sailing and off-grid homesteading. They're perfect for anyone who wants to stay powered while away from the main power grids. Levante's 330W and 500W solar panels can charge phones, tablets, and other small devices and power more powerful devices like refrigerators or TVs. They start at $1,250 for the entry-level 330W, with the 500W setup coming in just short of $1,800 before delivery. Speaking of delivery, don't expect to receive either unit before the first quarter of 2024 (I believe the December 2023 estimate to be too optimistic).

The Future of Solar Power We can expect to see more of Levante's origami-inspired solar panel designs in the future. The company has leveraged creativity, innovation, and the latest technology to make lightweight, portable, and user-friendly products. The market for portable solar panels is ever-growing, and Levante's offerings are bound to find their place in the market. It's exciting to consider the possibilities for people to use technology more sustainably with products like these.


Levante's origami-inspired solar panel designs are a testament to the ever-evolving world of solar power. The design is innovative, versatile, and practical for different applications. The panels are also efficient and powerful, benefiting many households. Whether you're powering your devices on a camping trip, off-grid homesteading, living in an RV, or boat, Levante's solar panels have got you covered. The future of solar power certainly looks bright, with companies like Levante pushing boundaries and creating new possibilities for people to harness the sun's power.


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