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Yarbo Snow Blower S1: Never Shovel Snow Again!

The World Needs an Intelligent Robotic Snow Removal System

With winter in full force, it’s time to start thinking about how you will clear your walkways and driveways of snow. If you’re not a big fan of shoveling or don’t have the time or energy, then investing in an automated snow blower might be the right move for you. We have all seen semi-automatic snow removal systems with a fencing system. What happens when technology comes full circle and snow removal almost becomes an afterthought? Enter the Yarbo Snow Blower S1 — a fully autonomous 21" snow blower that will do the work for you. Let’s break down what this state-of-the-art device can do.

Wi-Fi, GPS, and Radar Technology The Yarbo Snow Blower S1 is ready with Wi-Fi, GPS, and radar technology to map and clear your snow-covered driveways and walkways. It can even take itself back to its charging pad whenever it needs more juice.

Yarbo takes positioning up a notch with RTK (Real Time Kinematic) technology, meaning the Snow Blower S1 always knows precisely where it is with greater accuracy than GPS alone. The RTK base needs to be affixed in a place with open air, perhaps a roof (pictured below). This will also prevent the snow blower from getting stuck in any snow drift and guarantees optimal performance even on uneven terrain. The working area of the S1 is up to 2.3 acres.

If you want more control over clearing your driveway or sidewalk, an accompanying app allows you to map areas for the Yarbo, set no-go zones, and schedule clearing times so that it fits into your routine. You can even adjust the chute direction from the convenience of your home!

The battery can be fully charged within two hours and will provide up to 90 minutes of run time while clearing up to 5 inches of snow. This run time will vary based on snow depth.

Safety Features When investing in any new technology, safety is a top concern. That’s why the Yarbo Snow Blower S1 has several safety features designed to protect you, those around you, and your property while in use. The device has sensors that detect obstacles such as walls or furniture so that it doesn’t damage them while in operation. The millimeter-wave radar can see animals the size of dogs and cats, so the family pet is well protected.

It also has three different speed settings so that it won’t cause too much disruption in residential areas while operating at night or early morning when most people are asleep. Finally, a theft prevention feature ensures that only authorized users can access the device when parked on its charging pad. With the inclusion of GPS, the unit's whereabouts will always be sent back as an alert to the paired smartphone.

Conclusion: The Yarbo Snow Blower S1 is an excellent option for those looking for an automated solution to keep their sidewalks and driveways free of snow during winter. Its Wi-Fi-enabled features provide convenience and safety features like obstacle detection and theft prevention so that you can use it worry-free all season long! Now for the bad news! This incredible machine is available for pre-order, but do not expect to have it before the Winter of next year. Get in on the waiting list for the price of $3,839.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this automated technology without interacting with snow yourself physically, invest in a Yarbo Snow Blower S1 today, and you will take delivery in October 2023.

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