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Robotic Improvements for the Commercial Industry!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The Innovation Shows No Signs of Stopping

I wrote about Richtech Robotics and their contribution to the bar and coffee industries with ADAM in an earlier article.

It is fair to say Richtech offers more than just robotic bartenders/baristas. They saw a need to take a few of the repetitive tasks workers perform daily and created a robot to take on such jobs. Here are two such robotic options starting with the Matradee.

The Matradee is an automated food delivery service currently employed at various restaurants in the industry. Matradee can be programmed to deliver food to specific tables, then provide a means to return the empty plates to the kitchen to be cleaned. Equipped with Lidar and visual sensors, the machine will do everything in its power, never to collide with customers or other Matradee units.

The Matradee traversing a restaurant with food dishes on each tray.
Matradee Serving (media by JC)

Can you imagine having a few of these rolling through your restaurant? The novelty of these alone is bringing customers to these establishments!

Next up is DUST-E!

The DUST-E is pictured as a relatively large all in one solution for vacuuming, mopping, and disinfecting commercial operations.
DUST-E (media by JC)

When Roomba’s are ruling people's homes, DUST-E is the go-to option for commercial settings. Manufactured to take on the most extensive tasks, you can expect DUST-E to tackle areas up to 30,000 square feet in one battery cycle. This cleaning solution will vacuum, mop, and disinfect all at once. DUST-E is mappable up to 430,000 square feet or nine acres. The self-contained water system is fully recyclable and UV disinfected within the unit.

A video showing the DUST-E avoiding obstacles and cleaning along the way.
DUST-E (media by JC)

Like the Matradee, this unit is also equipped with the latest Lidar and obstacle avoidance systems. In an age where cleanliness is more important than ever, devices like the DUST-E will prove their worth a hundred times over!


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