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Winnebago's Concept Electric Recreational Vehicle

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Winnebago's Concept Electric Recreational Vehicle Now, Reality Later!

Here we are in the midst of summer, and people are taking to the open road to take advantage of the weather and experience a little of the outdoors. Winnebago is looking to lure a new generation of outdoor campers with the promise of an electric RV (recreational vehicle). This appeals to those who wish to preserve nature in all her glory rather than emitting carbon emissions or to experience something a bit different.

Sustainability is front and center with this concept of the Winnebago electric recreational vehicle. The interior is comprised of eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Expect to see recycled cork-rubber flooring and woolen wall appliques to enhance thermal and wall insulation.

The battery system within the vehicle seems to be a moving target, given the overall advances in batteries almost daily. This concept vehicle has an 86.0 kWh battery with a prospective range of 125 miles, which is a little underwhelming. With current vehicles racing to hit 500 and 600-mile ranges, I expect Winnebago is doing everything in its power to enhance this number before bringing this vehicle to the masses. If there is any saving grace with this early version, the vehicle can be fast-charged in under 45 minutes.

Expect the usual types of amenities with regards to the coach, which include:

  1. Marine-grade refrigerator

  2. Slide-out induction cooktop

  3. Matte black sink fixtures

  4. A bathroom with a toilet and contemporary fixtures, including a detachable, handheld shower head

  5. 350-volt DC power for the water heater and roof-mounted air conditioner with heat pump. 110 volt AC or 12 volt DC power for the fridge and cooktop, allowing for added flexibility.

  6. Residential-Grade WI-FI internet capabilities

If the vehicle looks familiar, it's because this RV is built on the Ford Transit platform and has been modified with an advanced electrical power system. Also of note is an integrated control system that enables the operation of the subsystems (pictured below).

Winnebago has put its hat in the ring for electric recreational vehicles. This market has become a bit busier over the last few years, with the competition beginning to heat up. It remains to be seen who will be the leader in this market segment, but at least they have a seat at the table!


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