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Our Love of the “Solo” Stove!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

This Stainless Steel Marvel is a Game-Changer

A portable bonfire unit surrounded by leaves and two people.

Solo Stove (Bonfire) (Media by JC)

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For the last couple of years, I have enjoyed my Solo stove. It was something that appealed to me once I had seen a friend of mine with one. This seems to be quite typical with the Solo stove, as many people (primarily men) have heard of these fire pits by word of mouth. Case in point, we took our kids out for Halloween, and many of the houses were huddled around these pits in their driveway while handing out candy. Talk about a conversation starter! These Solo stoves bring together communities as people crowd around them and converse with others about them.

These stainless steel beauties practically sell themselves. Speaking with a neighbor, she wanted a commission or some advertising credit with the number of questions pointed her way about the Solo stove. I told her, “good luck” the company is doing well by itself.

For those unaware of this item, it is a portable, wood-burning fire pit. Its most significant feature, for me, is the limited amount of smoke it emits. It has a 360-degree airflow design with holes strategically placed in the bottom and top. Oxygen enters through the bottom to feed the bottom flames, and pre-heated oxygen enters the top to provide fuel to the upper-most flames. Ultimately, you get a solid burn with the smoke being circulated within and throughout the unit.

Overhead look of a burning fire in a Solo bonfire unit.

Why is this a game-changer? The biggest drawback to a wood-burning fire is the smell of the smoke it leaves behind on one’s clothes. This unit minimizes the biggest liability of nasty-smelling smoke. Couple this with its portability, and you have a very compact, much-utilized unit. The units are available in various sizes; the unit pictured is the mid-range Bonfire model. This was the largest unit available when I first purchased mine. They now have a Yukon model, which is significantly larger. Given this is tailgate weather, the Solo stove will continue to garner popularity. Look, It got me to write an article about it!

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