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Wink Has Its Own Line of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

Meet the Mark 2 Solar!

We’ve all heard about electric vehicles and their environmental benefits, but what about a four-wheeler that can charge itself with sunlight? Enter the Wink neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV): America’s only affordable, fully equipped car with built-in solar panels. Fully DOT-Compliant, street legal, and boasting prices starting at $8,995, it is no wonder these cars are quickly becoming the new way to get around town. For the sake of this article, we will be focusing on the 4-door Mark 2 Solar model, topping off at $11,995. Let’s examine why Winks are making such a splash in the EV market.

The Benefits of Going Solar Wink vehicles offer an innovative solution to those looking for an eco-friendly fully-enclosed ride. With two models that charge by sunlight, you don’t need to worry about finding a charging station or plugging in every night; just let your car do its charging! The Mark 2 Solar has the potential to obtain 175 miles of range per week or 25 miles a day. All of this depends on sun availability which can certainly be hit or miss here in the midwest. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use traditional outlets either. The Winks come standard with 110-volt plugs so that you can charge anywhere there is an outlet. Expect a charge time of 8 hours from empty to full. Using both traditional electricity and solar energy makes Wink EVs highly versatile for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly car.

The Design of Wink Vehicles Not only are Winks extremely efficient when it comes to power sources, but they also boast sleek designs with plenty of interior space and enough room for four passengers! With an aerodynamic design, Wink EVs are designed to reduce drag while still providing plenty of illumination on dark roads. And don’t forget — because these cars are designed as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), they are perfect for short commutes in urban areas where the speed limits don’t exceed 35mph. The Wink has a maximum speed of 25mph and a total travel range of 60 miles on one full charge. In addition, all Winks come standard with airbags and ABS brakes, so you don’t have to sacrifice safety for convenience!

Affordability & Other Features Powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery pack between 36 and 72 volts depending on the model chosen, Wink EVs will provide years of reliable service without costing an arm and a leg in maintenance costs or insurance fees compared to other electric vehicles or gas-guzzling SUVs. All in all, these cars offer great value for anyone who wants an affordable electric vehicle without sacrificing quality or features.

And speaking of features, you will find these handsomely loaded with Air Conditioning / Heating along with:

  • Electric Power Windows

  • Remote Controlled Power Door Locks

  • Dual Circuit System 4 Wheel Disc Brakes

  • Rearview Cameras With Color Display Screens

  • USB Charging Outlets

  • 2 Tone Vegan Leather Seating

  • Fold Down Rear Seats

  • Rear Radar Distance Sensors

Conclusion: With its slogan, “It’s not a car; It’s a wink,” — how could you not be intrigued? As we can see from this overview, Wink Electric Vehicles offer users both affordability and style while putting the environment first. From their sleek designs to their versatility in powering up your ride — free power from the sun or any standard 110-volt home outlet — it looks like Winks will be winking their way into many driveways soon! So if you’re ready to switch from gas guzzlers to EVs, consider taking a closer look at Winks — you won’t regret it! For early adopters, electric vehicle lovers, minimalists, and urban commuters alike — get ready to start winking your way around town!

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