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The CT-1 from City Transformer is an Urban Traveler's Dream!

Expanding on the Future of Transportation

City Transformer, a new player in the urban transportation game, is shaking things up with its innovative CT-1 vehicle. The CT-1 is an enclosed, two-seater tandem-style car, not unlike the Renault Duo, that is designed to replace bikes and scooters as the primary mode of transportation in cities. City Transformer says the CT-1 is much safer than its two-wheeled counterparts thanks to its enclosed design and impact-absorbing materials. Plus, with 17 cubic feet of interior space, the CT-1 has more storage capacity than a bike or scooter, making it a more practical option for city dwellers. Could the City Transform CT-1 be the future of urban transportation?

The first thing I took from the CT-1 is how it expands and retracts its wheels like the Triggo:

The Pros of the City Transformer CT-1 There are several compelling reasons why the City Transformer CT-1 could be the future of urban transportation. First and foremost, safety is a significant selling point for the CT-1. Unlike bikes and scooters, which offer little protection in an accident, the CT-1’s enclosed design and impact-absorbing materials make it much safer for occupants in a collision. Additionally, the CT-1’s extra storage capacity is another big plus. With 17 cubic feet of space, the CT-1 can accommodate more cargo than a bike or scooter, making it a more practical option for city dwellers who need to transport groceries or other items daily.

Not to be forgotten is the transforming ability of the CT-1, retracting its wheels and chassis to a width of 100cm. In other words, no parking spot is too small for this little ride.

My first concern when I saw this parking was the doors better be able to be opened. I was happy to see they folded up “Lambo style.”

The name of the game is a zip-in, grab a parking spot, and beat the competition:

On the flip side, the retracting wheels can be expanded to give the passengers more ride stability on faster roads.

Time to hit the open roads at faster speeds:

The Cons of the City Transform CT-1 Of course, there are also some drawbacks to consider before ditching your bike or scooter in favor of a City Transformer CT-1. The price tag is steep; north of $13,000, the CT-1 isn’t affordable for most people. Additionally, the CT-1’s range is somewhat limited; according to City Transformer’s website, the vehicle can travel up to 112 miles on a single charge. This may be enough for some people, but others may need to recharge more frequently if they live outside downtown areas or often travel long distances. Finally, it’s worth noting that the CT-1 isn’t currently available (they are taking pre-orders)

Additional Features The CT-1 has more zip than most micro-mobility means of transportation in that it can achieve a top speed of 56 mph (90km/hr) due to the included dual 7.5 kW motors powering the rear wheels. If you are heavy with the pedal, expect to get about 76 miles (120km) of range. You can max out at 112 miles (180km) if you are less aggressive. You can charge the CT-1 from 10% to 80% within 30 minutes.

Conclusion: The City Transformer CT-1 is an intriguing new option for urban transportation. It boasts several advantages over traditional bikes and scooters, including increased safety and storage capacity. However, its higher price tag and limited range may make it impractical for some people. You can jump at the pre-order Limited Production First Edition here for the base price of $12,500. It is available in four different colors (Above).

Only time will tell whether the CT-1 will catch on as the future of urban transportation — but if you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco, you can be one of the first to find out!


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