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Lakota-Now You Can Buy a Foldable Electric Car!

NTDENERGY is Taking Micro Mobility to the Extreme!

Micro-mobility is the wave of the future, and European innovators are leading the charge. The Spanish automaker NTD Energy is developing a foldable electric car that could revolutionize how we travel in cities. This foldable vehicle can reduce its dimensions from 3 meters to 2 meters by pulling its electric motors, steering, and brakes into its wheels. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting innovation called the Lakota.

The Advantages of Electric Foldable Cars The most apparent advantage of foldable electric cars is their small size, making them easier to store in garages or parking spaces. Because they’re smaller than traditional vehicles, they also require less energy to operate and produce fewer emissions. This makes them more efficient and environmentally friendly than other types of cars. Additionally, because these vehicles don’t have to fit into conventional parking spaces, they can be parked almost anywhere, making them perfect for crowded urban areas with limited space. Note the included omni-steering capability of the Lakota below (pictured).

The Benefits of a Foldable Design The folding design itself has several benefits as well. When folding and unfolding the car, the driver doesn’t have to get out of the vehicle or manually adjust any parts — all they have to do is press a button, and the car will automatically fold or unfold itself. This makes it much easier to use than other cars requiring manual adjustment before being driven or stored away.

Additionally, because the car takes up less space when folded up, it can be used in places where traditional vehicles cannot fit — such as narrow alleyways or tight corners — making it more versatile than other cars. It is said that three of these Lakotas can fit into one conventional parking space.

Additional Specifications:

1279 lbs or 580 kg with the battery installed

250km (155miles) range on a full charge

DC Fast Charge- 20 to 100% within 15 minutes

Maximum Speed: 90kph (56mph)

Conclusion: As you can see from just a brief overview of this revolutionary electric foldable car from Europe — called Lakota — there are many advantages to this type of technology over traditional cars when it comes to storage size and efficiency while still maintaining high levels of safety features for both drivers and pedestrians alike. With its innovative design and technology, there’s no doubt that this type of micro-mobility will soon become commonplace in cities worldwide! There are three planned versions of these foldable cars, including a convertible “buggy,” a two-seater, and a mini-delivery truck.

If you’re an innovator or early adopter who loves minimalism with a side helping of auto enthusiasm, this may be just what you need! Keep an eye out for more developments from Lakota in 2023!


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