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Will Robotic Dogs Really Become Commonplace?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Unitree Robotics Introduces the Go1 Robotic Quadruped

Technology is advancing faster than ever, and robots are becoming increasingly commonplace. But do we really need robotic dogs? Unitree Robotics is a world-renowned robotics company specializing in high-performance quadruped robots, and they believe the answer is yes. Their latest innovation is the Unitree Go1, and it is the friend you never had. Let’s look at why robotic dogs could be the future of pet ownership.

Robotic Dogs Are Programmable One of the main advantages of robotic dogs is that they can be programmed to do specific tasks. Whether carrying some of your supplies or just keeping you company during long days at home, these robotic dogs can be taught to act like real-life pets.

Furthermore, their programming can be adapted over time as you get more comfortable with them and better understand their capabilities. This makes them versatile and customizable!

They Don’t Require Maintenance Unlike traditional pets, robotic dogs don’t require much maintenance. They don’t need to go for walks or regular grooming sessions and won’t get sick from eating human food. All you have to do is plug them in and ensure that their battery levels are topped up now and then — and that’s about all the maintenance they need! As a bonus, no vet bills are associated with owning a robotic dog, either!

They Don’t Get Lost The Go1 Air is equipped with an ISS Intelligent Concomitant System. Put simply, the robotic dog will follow alongside its human owner rather than from behind. This will limit having to look behind you to ensure your dog isn’t missing or obstructed by another object.

They Are More Accessible Robotic dogs are becoming increasingly accessible due to technological advances and companies like Unitree Robotics, which specialize in producing high-performance quadrupeds for consumers. This means more people have access to robotic pets than ever before — even those without a lot of space or money can now own a robotic dog! With a starting price of $3,700 (including shipping), you can introduce the Go1 Air to your home. And since they don’t require caretaking, anyone can enjoy the benefits of having one without worrying about getting overwhelmed by its needs.

Conclusion: Robotic dogs may not be in many households, but they are definitely on the rise due to technological advances and companies like Unitree Robotics focusing on producing consumer-grade quadrupeds for everyone to enjoy. It is still a developing market, and it will be a while before conventional people look to replace their prized family pets with a robotic quadruped.

Still, with their programmability, low maintenance needs, and accessibility, it’s easy to see the appeal of this new way of pet ownership. There’s no denying that having a robot friend has its advantages — whether it’s just for companionship or simple tasks— it’s hard not to see why these robotic dogs could potentially become part of our lives in the future! So if you’re looking for a new best friend, maybe you should consider getting yourself a robot dog.


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