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The Outrageous Kronos Submarine Was Inspired by Nature!

Updated: Jun 6

The Fantastic Kronos Submarine!

Manufacturers start to take inspiration from animated shows or science fiction movies when they run out of ideas. How else can you explain the Kronos Armored Submarine from Highland Systems? Someone got highly excited, perhaps interested in sea creatures like the manta ray, and designed an ocean vessel around it.

Who exactly is this Highland Systems based out of UAE (United Arab Emirates)? In their own words:

Highland Systems is an R&D and project management company which specializes in development and implementation of state-of-the-art technology into production. Our highly qualified engineering team comprises of industry professional’s from a wide range of defense backgrounds specializing in manufacturing of armored vehicles, submarines, and helicopters.

This tells me Highland Systems is backed by a vast bankroll that allows them the creativity to create something out of a Transformer or Aquaman movie.

The expectation is this vessel will be able to transport up to 11 individuals comfortably above and below the water. The submarine is equipped with 36 hours of air supply for longer underwater excursions and will also have air conditioning.

The seating looks plush along with excellent adaptive internal lighting, but they are going for the military aspect. Don’t expect an armored vessel like this to be something you would take out on a pleasure cruise. Especially not with a payload of several torpedoes. The company states it is suitable for commercial, rescue, and combat operations.

The innovative, hydrodynamic hull design (below) promises stability and reduced fuel consumption while maximizing the top speed. At the time of this writing, the expected speed of the Kronos is 80 km/hr (50mph) on water and 50km/hr (31mph) below. This submarine's maximum depth should approach 250 meters (820ft), with an average working depth of 100 meters (328 feet).

Another unique feature of the design is the foldable wings. To make this vessel portable when transported out of the water, the designers did the following:

The Kronos will be a hybrid watercraft, with diesel being the primary fuel. The vessel will also have a generator and battery to boost the overall range to 54 hours. The Kronos will have the ability to run on a generator or electric power alone.

Final Thoughts: In this case, imagination created something pretty extraordinary. The design is fantastic, but it is still pretty early in development. There is no word on pricing yet, but I can only imagine how many zeros are in this price tag. The unit's speed is astonishing, so it will be interesting to see if they can achieve the estimates. Who knows, maybe one day we may be kayaking or boating and see this ominous vessel below!


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