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Meet The Equuleus! An Off-Road Beast

A True Electric Mountain Patrol Motorcycle

When I first saw the EQUULEUS, I immediately equated it to the Batcycle from the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight movies. Perhaps it is the oversized tires or just the darkness of the motorcycle itself. In either case, this motorcycle is a force to reckon with. Officially this is an Electric Mountain Patrol Motorcycle, and if it genuinely has to scale mountains, you better have one heck of a wheel.

This bike is loaded with compartments for storage, including 3 (30 liters) containers and 2 (40 liters) containers. Park Rangers and off-road enthusiasts would have ample room to store the essentials. What’s more, each container is entirely weather and water-resistant.

The dash is well equipped with the information needed to conduct park business. Most important, the Park Ranger will not get lost as the motorcycle is complete with contour guidance.

Being one with nature means leaving no trace behind. The fact this vehicle is electric means no nasty carbon emissions. Plan on a 40hp motor with a range of close to 186 miles. The battery will be set up to charge wirelessly, but sadly, this beast of a machine is still a concept as of this writing. Hopefully, it will see the light of day in the next year!


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