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The TinyVroum Capsulbike is Geared for Electric Bikepackers

Introducing TinyVroum’s CapsulBike: The Perfect Camping Trailer for Bikepackers

Are you tired of packing light and roughing it on your bike camping trips? Want to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort and convenience? Look no further than French startup TinyVroum’s CapsulBike. This perfect bicycle camping trailer offers many of the amenities of a recreational vehicle for your biking experience. In this blog post, we will explore the innovative features of the CapsulBike and discover why it’s a must-have for any backpacker.

The CapsulBike camper is designed to offer you the ultimate camping experience on your bike tours. First, I want to say this is not the first of its kind, as I don’t want to ignore the Hupi trailer:

The CapsulBike from TinyVroum takes what the Hupi Trailer started and amps it up for bikepackers. The CapsulBike’s clever use of light backpacking equipment provides all the essentials, including a power system, fridge, deployable wet bath with shower and toilet, outdoor galley, and entertainment options. The outdoor galley makes your cooking experience more accessible and hassle-free with the included small folding table. This will allow ample space for the canister stove and eating area.

The thermo-electric 12-l fridge keeps your food and drinks cool throughout the trip, regardless of the temperature outdoors.

The CapsulBike also features a deployable wet bath, or tent, that expands to create an indoor solar shower and toilet facility. The folding toilet comes complete with biodegradable waste bags. This is incredibly convenient for extended bike tours where you may need to freshen up after a long day on the road. The 50-ah battery power system powers the fridge and runs the interior and exterior LED lights and USB/Cigarette outlets. The inclusion of a 140Wh solar panel ensures the battery remains topped off.

The camper’s interior is designed to maximize space while still providing a comfortable living area. The comfort foam bed can sleep one person comfortably and comes complete with a heated sleeping bag. Also available is adding a rooftop tent to make it sleep one more (Possibly a child).

Lastly, the CapsulBike is designed to attach to any Ebike, making it easy to transport. It also comes with its retractable kickstand, making it easy to detach from the bike and set up camp. The entire camper weighs just around 152 lbs, making it highly portable. The CapsulBike is available in three colors (white, desert sand, and army gray) for a reasonable sum of USD 4,147 before delivery.


In conclusion, TinyVroum’s CapsulBike is the perfect camping trailer for bikepackers looking for comfort and convenience on their trips. Its innovative features, wise use of light equipment, and easy-to-setup design make it the perfect companion for any extended bike tour. So why rough it out when you can camp comfortably with the CapsulBike?


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