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Introducing the Hupi Trailer: The Perfect Electric Bike Camping Trailer

This Electric Bike Camping Trailer is Made For Outdoor Living

Are you an electric bike rider and an outdoor enthusiast? Do you have aspirations to venture into camping with your bike? You are not alone. Many people are into this adventure, but the question that remains unanswered is, "How do I carry my camping gear while cycling?" Luckily, several options, including the Hupi Trailer, a Finnish-designed trailer, are available. In this article, we will look closer into what the Hupi Trailer electric bike camping trailer is all about and why it's a must for e-bike camping enthusiasts.

The Hupi Trailer is an excellent option for electric bike riders looking to explore outdoor adventures. It uses a teardrop-like design, rising well above the saddle to create a spacious interior with a bedroom and tiny dinette. Despite its small size, it's made to give you a perfect camping experience with just the right amount of space and comfort.

A view within through the open door of the Hupi trailer.
A look inside (media by hyotyajoneuvokeskus)

One of the unique features of the Hupi is its fixed-roof caravan design. Its 59-inch high (150cm) roof creates an ample living space for all your camping gear, and you can almost (not entirely) stand upright in it. This design ensures the trailer has a smaller aerodynamic footprint, allowing you to tow it quickly. The trailer also has a sizeable lockable door for easy access and ventilation.

The Hupi Trailer also has an optional solar kit that harnesses the sun's power to meet your electricity needs. It's designed to power interior accessories like the fridge, radio, or even an electric blanket at night. Additionally, the solar kit provides a reliable power source to keep your electric bike charged, ensuring a smooth ride even on long distances.

Another unique feature of the Hupi Trailer is the large windows offering panoramic views of the outdoor scenery. This panoramic view brings the ambiance of camping right into your living space, making it feel like you are sleeping under the stars. It also comes with curtains to provide privacy and block out unwanted light.

Lastly, the Hupi Trailer is made from durable materials, ensuring that it's built to last. The trailer's surface looks like most mobile homes and their exteriors, making them weather-resistant. The top layer is painted Stucco aluminum, under which a urethane sheet acts as insulation.


The Hupi Trailer is a teardrop-like trailer and a great companion for electric bike riders who want to enjoy the outdoors. The pricing starts at 5,999 Euros (USD 6,582), with loads of options you can add to inflate the price even more. With its fixed roof caravan design and solar kit, you can have ample living space and a reliable source of electricity. It's also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring it lasts for years. If you're an e-bike camping enthusiast, you should consider getting the Hupi Trailer to improve your camping experience.

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