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Camping in the New REI Special Edition Basecamp

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Airstream and REI Collaborate on this Sustainable Travel Trailer

Camping is one of the first excursions the general population flocks to in times of good weather. What better way to experience the outdoors than to bring a recreational vehicle or travel trailer? This particular trailer by Basecamp is the brainchild of REI Co-op and Airstream. The collaboration took an already excellent product from Airstream. It kicked it up a few notches to utilize it for outdoor, off-grid living, starting with bringing the outdoor views inside.

It is essential to say the Basecamp is easy to tow due to its size. Small sports utility vehicles will have no issues getting this to your preferred camping spot. In some cases, these particular spots are off the beaten path. To get there, this Basecamp is equipped with the X package.

The standard X Package comes with aggressive all-terrain, heavy-duty tires, a 3" lift kit, and stainless steel rocker guards to protect the aluminum on the front of the trailer. You can breathe a little easy knowing this trailer is durable and made to experience a little off-roading.

Also, part of the X Package is a solar guard (below), protecting the inside from dreaded UV rays thrust at you from the hot sun. Keeping with the solar theme, an optional complete solar package is available as an option that includes 360W of solar with (2) 100 ah batteries. The solar panels will cover a good portion of the roof (pictured below).

Not to be forgotten, but a Basecamp isn’t complete without a full shower and toilet combination.

This Basecamp also includes a 21-gallon fresh water tank. To complement the onboard fresh water tank, you will find a UV-LED water filtration system (pictured below), ensuring you have the cleanest drinking water. The tanks are equipped with 12-volt heaters and well-insulated piping to ensure year-round use.

Given this collaboration with REI, there is an intense focus on sustainability. The interior was designed with post-consumer recycled materials. The cabinets are made of exposed birch-ply, which is sustainably sourced wood. The durable stain-resistant upholstery, laminates, and even the sink insert cutting board are all recycled materials.

The floor is also designed to take a beating and be easy to clean. The raised vinyl coin flooring provides a textured, slip-resistant surface. Also important is the available space for cargo in the cargo door and added floor space.

The REI Airstream has an aerodynamic LP shroud that houses two 20lb liquid propane tanks, with an added shelf above for spare cables.


Given this collaboration with REI, you can bet there will be several camping items as part of an included kit. In this case, they have a 25-piece product selection, including these, to name a few:

  1. Flexlite Camp Dreamer Chairs,

  2. Campwell picnic table and bench covers

  3. Kitchen utensils from OXO with a knife, squeegee, brush, cutting board

  4. Mugs

  5. Rechargeable lantern

  6. Pack-Away Cubes of various sizes

  7. Camp Roll Table

All of these can be easily stored within the Basecamp in the several overhead storage compartments:

Or in the cargo door:

Final Thoughts: If you don’t want to spend a small fortune on a palatial outdoor palace like the “Living Vehicle,” which starts at $340,000, the REI Basecamp may be more appealing. Starting at $52,900 and quickly rising when options are added, the REI is not entirely inexpensive. There is no doubt that these Airstream Basecamps are already in great demand. This collaboration with REI has only added to the excitement. Just ask this young man:


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