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The Reever: An Authentic Electric ATV

Theron Sport Introduces an Electric ATV with Loads of Power

As the world of recreational vehicles continues to evolve, one company, Theron Sport, has taken a big step forward with their introduction of the Reever. The Reever is a 2-seat electric ATV built from the ground up as an electric vehicle. It utilizes parts sourced from Quebec-based businesses to create a versatile and reliable vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary ATV!

What Makes The Reever Special? The Reever has been designed to meet the needs of all types of riders. Whether you’re an outdoorsman looking for something reliable and easy to maneuver or an innovator who wants something unique and cutting-edge, this ATV can handle it all. It has advanced features such as customizable control settings, allowing you to tailor your ride experience according to your riding style and preferences. Furthermore, the Reever features a lightweight aluminum frame, making it perfect for easy navigating of challenging terrain.

The Reever runs on a hub motor system with two brushless motors for power and torque in both rear wheels. This gives it more traction than standard four-wheelers and allows it to be used in more extreme off-road conditions without losing grip or stability. In addition, the battery life of the Reever is impressive; it can go up to 180 km (112 miles) on a single charge, depending on how heavily you drive it and what model you purchase. Rest assured, the Reever is equipped with Level II charging capabilities and can fully recharge within 3 hours. With its powerful performance capabilities and long battery life, this could be one of the most efficient electric ATVs on the market today!

Model Availability As mentioned, Theron Sport offers two different model levels with their Level 1 and Level 2 versions. Level 1 has a 10kWh battery with an estimated range of 60 miles and a 40hp motor. You will get a towing capacity of 1150 lbs and expect to pay $14,000 for this model. Level 2 comes in at $17,500 and doubles the battery capacity at 20kWh. The motor increases to 70hp, in addition to the travel range at 112 miles, along with the towing capacity at 1500lbs. Are you looking for 4WD? Theron has you covered with 4WD available as an option for $4000.

Innovation Meets Sustainability Theron Sport has gone above and beyond when designing this vehicle by utilizing parts sourced from local Quebec-based businesses whenever possible. This not only enables them to create a high-quality product but also supports their local economy in doing so. Furthermore, they have incorporated sustainable practices into their production process by reducing waste materials throughout their factories and recycling any necessary materials that need disposal afterward. This commitment to sustainability is another reason this could be one of the most innovative electric vehicles out there!

Conclusion: Theron sport’s new product — The Reever — is sure to make waves in recreational circles and among those interested in sustainability! Additionally, Theron Sport’s commitment to using locally sourced parts & sustainable practices ensures that every purchase helps support their community while providing customers with durable quality products made with care & consideration for our environment! If you’re looking for an electric ATV built around versatility & reliability, then look no further than Theron Sports’ new model — The Reever!


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