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The Brawley GTS Electric UTV Brings the Power Off-Road!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

The Brawley Electric UTV Has a Feisty Name!

First, let’s start with the name of this off-road vehicle, Brawley. It immediately calls to mind a scrappy vehicle with some fight within it. A four-wheeled thrill seeker, ready to tackle any task thrown it's way. How else can you describe a vehicle equipped with an eTank mode? (more on that later)

If the Edison 2 (below) is the little brother in the Vanderhall product line, the Brawley is the surly big brother with an attitude.

The Brawley electric utv is available in three different trim levels starting with the standard Brawley at $34,950, followed by the Brawley GT at $42,950, and finishing with the Brawley GTS at $49,950. For this article, I wanted to focus on all the bells and whistles offered in the GTS premium package.

What does $49,950 get you in an off-road vehicle with an imposing name? The Brawley GTS takes the Brawley and GT models with 303hp and 360 lb-ft of torque and punches it up to 404hp/480 lb-ft.

The GTS trim level is the only trim with six available color schemes.

The interior is black diamond v-stitched throughout, with each chair having a 4-point harness ensuring you don’t leave your seat. (Added Note: The steering wheel is wrapped in leather)

The GTS skid plates and rockers are made of stainless steel instead of powder-coated aluminum on the preceding trim levels.

All three models are equipped with a 40kWh battery providing a 140-mile range. The GTS trim level package has the optional extended range battery option bringing the total range over the 200-mile threshold. This option will set you back an additional $5000. The Brawley comes complete with an onboard 6 kW battery charger. Available DC fast charging can charge up to 80% in under an hour. Don’t worry; the Brawley is also equipped with brake regeneration to throw some of the energy back into the battery.

Air conditioning, heat, and heated seats are standard in the GT and GTS models. These two models (below) are the only ones with fully enclosed cabins.

One feature Vanderhall is incredibly proud of is the off-road riding modes available on the GTS model. While all four trim levels are equipped with four individual motors, only the GTS has four unique riding modes starting with eCrawl™, eTank™, eSteer™, and eCrab™. They make for a pretty exciting off-road experience.

The Brawley is ever capable with 35" tires and 18" wheels complemented by 22" suspension travel enabling it to traverse the most treacherous landscapes. All this while Bluetooth streaming from your favorite phone application through the included Kicker sound system.

By the way, these UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles) are completely sold out at the current time. Get your name on the waiting list if you want to experience a ride like this!


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