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The Raye is the Latest Concept Electric Craft to Hit the Water

Nature inspires Tarform's Latest Innovation.

Many new and exciting electric vehicles have changed our thoughts about transportation this past year. One of the most underrated newcomers is an electric watercraft developed by the Brooklyn-based startup, Tarform. The Tarform Raye is a fully-electric personal watercraft concept that will make waves among early adopters and outdoor lovers alike.

What’s so Great About the Tarform Raye? Unsurprisingly, the idea for an electric personal watercraft came from a company focusing on electric motorcycles. After all, both types of vehicles offer exciting ways to travel and explore the wild outdoors.

But what does this mean for our experience with the Tarform Raye? It means you get all the benefits of an electric vehicle in a sleek and stylish package designed for maximum fun on the sea. What better sea creature to emulate than the majestic and elegant manta ray?

The Tarform Raye features a powerful 4kW motor with plenty of power to take you wherever you want — whether zipping across open waters or cruising upriver. It will have enough torque to handle any wave, so you can be sure your journey will never be dull! The Raye’s durable composite hull and advanced battery technology allow it to reach up to 50mph speeds while providing up to 2 hours of continuous ride time before recharging. And with its ability to be easily transported around thanks to its lightweight design, it’s perfect for travelers who want to explore new places without worrying about renting a boat or taking along heavy equipment.

Moreover, this eco-friendly ride includes impressive innovative features like GPS tracking, temperature sensing systems, safety alerts, and even anti-theft protection — ensuring your days on the water are stress-free! And because it’s powered entirely by electricity, you won’t have to worry about pollution or noise pollution, making it perfect for those who prefer their adventures as green as possible!

Conclusion: The future of personal transportation just got brighter with Tarform’s Raye electric personal watercraft! Its heavily influenced biomorphic design and powerful motor (70–120hp) capable of reaching up to 50 mph, combined with intelligent features like machine learning and safety alerts, make this eco-friendly ride perfect for outdoor lovers looking for something new and exciting in their exploration endeavors.

You can expect a starting price of $68,000 and express your desire to own one here. Whether you’re looking for something fun on open waters or want a green way of getting around — look no further than the Tarform Raye Electric Personal Watercraft!



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