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The Makka-Cake's Latest Electric Moped Comes to India

Cake’s Makka Electric Moped is Geared for India's Commuters

As someone who is passionate about sustainable transportation, I am always on the lookout for innovative options that can make our daily commute more enjoyable and eco-friendly. This is where the Swedish manufacturer Cake comes in. Known for their sleek, high-quality bikes, mopeds, and motorcycles that boast Scandinavian design, Cake has recently launched a new offering that is set to change daily life for commuters in highly congested areas. Enter the Makka— Cake's versatile electric moped (or 2-wheeler) that is designed to handle anything from the busy city streets of India to off-road terrain. In this post, I will be looking into what makes Cake’s Makka moped so special and why I think it is the perfect solution for anyone looking to navigate their way through India’s bustling cities.

A Sustainable Solution for India’s Congestion Problems

As one of the most populous countries in the world, India’s cities are notorious for their gridlocked traffic and air pollution. Commuting by car or motorcycle can be a nightmare, and public transport is often overcrowded and unreliable. This is where Cake's electric moped Makka comes in  to relieve the pressure in India— a lightweight, electric moped that can help commuters navigate the chaos of urban traffic with ease. With Cake’s focus on sustainability, the Makka is designed to minimize the impact on the environment, making it an ideal option for people who want to get from A to B without contributing to the city’s pollution problem.

Versatile Design That Meets All Your Commuting Needs

Cake’s Makka is more than just a pretty two-wheeler — it is designed to be highly versatile, which is a must-have trait for any urban commuter. The Makka is equipped with a powerful 3.6kW motor with a 48V (31Ah) battery that allows you to ride with ease, even on steep inclines. You can expect to achieve speeds up to 28 mph for a range of up to 34 miles. (This will fluctuate based on riders and passenger weights)

It also comes with fat tires that can handle all types of terrain, from rocky roads to sandy beaches. This makes it the perfect bike for anyone who wants to cut through the city’s traffic with ease but also wants the freedom to explore the surrounding area.

How about a bike that is so well-equipped it has a carrying capacity of up to 540 lbs. It helps that the overall frame of the bike is comprised of aerospace aluminum. Looking to carry another passenger, no problem!

Advanced Technology for a Better Riding Experience

One of the things that set Cake’s two-wheelers apart from the competition is their focus on innovative technology that makes for a smooth, enjoyable ride. The Makka is no exception to this. This ride comes equipped with an advanced display that shows you everything from your speed to your battery life.

It also has regenerative braking, meaning that you can recharge your battery by braking, extending your riding time. Additionally, the Makka comes with a Bluetooth-enabled (Cake Connect) app that allows you to customize your ride and track your progress.

Minimalist Design That Looks Great

As someone who appreciates minimalist design, I am in love with the look of the Makka. Like all of Cake’s vehicles, the Makka is understated and stylish, with clean lines and a muted color palette. It is the kind of machine that will turn heads for all the right reasons. And, unlike some other mopeds on the market, the Makka is easy to maintain, so you don’t have to worry about complicated upkeep.

Affordable and Accessible

Despite being a high-quality electric conveyance, the Makka is surprisingly affordable. For a bike that is this well-designed and feature-rich, it won’t break the bank starting at $4,170 USD, making it accessible to a wide range of people who want to make their daily commute more eco-friendly. Plus, with the number of benefits it offers, the Makka is likely to pay itself off in no time, especially when you factor in the savings you’ll make by not having to pay for petrol to fuel your vehicle.


If you are a commuter in India looking for a sustainable, stylish, and affordable way to get around the city, look no further than Cake’s Makka. This innovative ride is packed with advanced technology, versatile design features, and a minimalist look that is sure to impress. With its ability to handle anything from bustling city streets to off-road terrain, the Makka is the perfect solution for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing functionality or style.


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