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Blix Bikes Introduces Us to the "Dubbel" Pedelec Cargo Bike

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

This "Dubbel" Pedelec is a Welcome Addition to the Electric Cargo Utility Bike Market

The Dubbel pedelec electric cargo bike is the latest offering from Blix Bike and another high-quality player in the rapidly expanding cargo utility bike market. I can’t tell you how often I was tempted to pick up one of the earlier Rad Power Bike options with optional seating for kids. The possibility of cycling up to their school, avoiding the car line, and biking home in a timely fashion greatly appealed to me. Unfortunately, my children are more giant humans now, and the idea of putting both of them on a bike this size doesn’t seem feasible, but I digress.

As mentioned in earlier articles, the electric bike market will be one of the fastest-growing industries in 2022. As reported by Allied Market Research:

The global electric bike market was valued at $40,312 million in 2019 and is projected to reach $118,657 million by 2030, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5% from 2020 to 2030

One such benefactor to this continued potential growth has been Blix Bike, based in Santa Cruz, California. Founder and CEO Pontus Malmberg started the company in 2014 and picked California as part of the West Coast cycling culture. Pontus grew up in a suburb near Gothenburg, Sweden, where cycling was, and still is, commonplace. Taking inspiration from his European roots, he brought his Swedish styling and influence to the United States. Blix is now one of the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer electric bike manufacturers in the U.S. Blix offers a complete line of electric bikes, including city, cruiser, folding, and cargo.

The Dubbel has some features consumers have been looking for in a cargo utility bike, starting with range. The ability to have not just one but an additional battery increases the overall range to 80 miles, while carrying a passenger is a game changer. The combined capacity of 1228wh to power the 750w hub motor ensures you make it from point a to point b in a timely fashion.

The Swedish influence can be seen on full display with this small handlebar display. Bucking against the industry with full-face displays, you will find a minimalist version here showing the essential details, such as pedal assist level, battery strength, and bike speed.

Not to worry! The Blix application will allow you to Bluetooth pair your phone to the Dubbel for added capabilities. You can switch between Class II and Class III bike modes, with the latter being a top speed of 28mph with pedal assist. The Blix app will also allow you to monitor the bike’s data and continue to upgrade the software over the life of the cycle.

Make a note of the step-thru feature, along with 20 x 3.3" tires bringing the bike's stand-over height down just a touch. This bike will remain relatively solid when parked (kickstand in place), appealing to shorter and taller people. I have read articles praising a step-through bike as the driver is less apt to kick the passenger when throwing over their leg when mounting the bike. The step-through eliminates this possibility. The passengers appreciate it!

Given this is a proper cargo utility bike, the integrated cargo rack will allow you to carry upwards of 200lbs.

The optional front racks can hold up to 50 lbs of cargo.

Starting at $1899 for the single battery option, you can quickly balloon that price by adding the additional battery or a few possible accessories, as seen below. Expect the extra battery option to bring the price to $2399, and added racks and cushions will take it even higher. Keeping with the simple Swedish styling, the available bike colors are limited to Bright White, Slate Grey, and Matte Nu Cream. I have to say the Matte Nu Cream (pictured below) is growing on me.

To round out the Dubbel’s features, the bike is equipped with a motor shut-off when the brakes are engaged. This is a welcome safety feature on most bikes today, ensuring the cycle doesn’t take off on you. Hydraulic disc brakes are standard and work well in wet and dry conditions. LED headlights and brake lights will ensure oncoming traffic will see you coming and going. (Added Note: The tires incorporate kevlar technology, making them puncture resistant)

I have no doubt Blix will continue to thrive as the electric bike market expands. Their bikes are pleasing to look at, exceptionally well engineered, and more importantly, they listen to the wants of their customers. I look forward to seeing what future innovations we will see from this company.


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