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Mahindra Treo is the Latest Electric Rickshaw To Hit the Pavement

The Streets of India Welcome the Mahindra Treo Electric Rickshaw

Electric rickshaws or e-rickshaws are becoming more popular in India as the transportation sector is transitioning towards a cleaner and sustainable future. The rickshaw has been commonplace in India due to its smaller yet nimble capabilities. It's no wonder it was featured heavily in the latest Indiana Jones movie:

Today the transition from petrol to electric is becoming more and more commonplace. Among the many great options, Mahindra Treo has been gaining much attention. This new-age three-wheeler electric rickshaw ensures higher savings, top-level ride quality, and a spacious interior. In this blog post, we will look closely at Mahindra Treo and find out why it is considered one of the best e-rickshaw companies in India.

Charging Process as Simple as a Smartphone:

One of the key advantages of the Mahindra Treo is its charging process. It is as simple as charging a smartphone. Within 4 hours, the charging process gets completed, and the e-rickshaw can run for up to 130 kilometers on a full charge. This means the Mahindra Treo can operate for a whole day without additional charging, making it ideal for commercial operations.

Zero-Emission and Noiseless Driving:

The Mahindra Treo ensures zero-emission and noiseless driving, which makes it an excellent option for eco-conscious commuters. The e-rickshaw has an electric motor that produces no harmful emissions and makes no noise, making the ride experience smoother and more comfortable. No noise also ensures a quieter ride in densely populated areas, especially during peak hours.

Cloud-Based Platform for Monitoring:

Mahindra Treo's' cloud-based NEMO (Next-Generation Mobility) platform offers real-time monitoring and operation control. With NEMO, fleet managers can remotely monitor the range, speed, location, and other details of the Mahindra Treo. They can also track the performance of the e-rickshaw and receive alerts for malfunctions. This feature ensures that the e-rickshaw remains in good condition and reduces operating costs, leading to higher savings.

Spacious Interior and Top-Level Ride Quality:

The Mahindra Treo has a spacious interior and top-level ride quality, making it highly comfortable for up to three passengers. This feature is essential for commercial operations where passengers must spend extended time inside the vehicle. The interior ensures that passengers have enough legroom and headroom. The Treo will attain a top speed of 55 kph (34 mph), ensuring it will get you there but not kill anyone on the way! All this with an expected range of 130 km (81 miles).

Great for Indian Roads and Traffic:

The Mahindra Treo has been designed considering the challenges of Indian roads and traffic. The e-rickshaw has a tight turning radius, which makes it easy to maneuver through congested roads and narrow lanes. The three-wheeler electric rickshaw also boasts excellent suspension, which ensures a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. These features make the Mahindra Treo a superb option for urban and semi-urban areas with challenging traffic.


Mahindra Treo is an excellent option for an e-rickshaw that offers higher savings, top-level ride quality, and a spacious interior. Topping out at 301,592 Rupees, these modes of transportation are highly inexpensive at less than USD 3,700. The e-rickshaw ensures zero-emission and noiseless driving, which makes it eco-friendly and comfortable. The charging process is as simple as charging a smartphone, and the cloud-based platform NEMO offers real-time monitoring and operation control. All these features make Mahindra Treo one of the best e-rickshaw companies in India.


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