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The Intelligent Pet Door: Introducing Pawport

Meet Pawport- The Latest Innovation in Intelligent Pet Doors

As a pet lover, have you ever dreamed of a way to open and close your doggie door with just the push of a button? Your dreams have just come true with Pawport! Pawport intelligent pet door is a new product that uses Bluetooth to open and close doggie doors whenever it senses the attached device on your dog’s collar. Not only that, but you can also customize its settings and check on your pet’s activity through its accompanying app. This blog explores how Pawport can make your life easier and how it is quickly becoming the latest sensation in the pet industry.

This isn’t the first time a company has thought to create a certain amount of automation concerning pet doors. It wasn’t long ago I wrote about this crowdfunding endeavor:

The Petvation seemed like a good idea then, but here we are a few years later, they have yet to deliver one working door to the general public. You should read some of the comments.

So, how is the Pawport any different? First, let me preface this product, which is also a crowdfunded item. The difference here is in the company’s own words:

As I understand it, customers will receive their pre-orders in the months ahead.

So, let’s go over the features of the Pawport and what makes it so appealing. According to many pet owners, one of the biggest problems with doggie doors is the ease of accessibility for stray animals. This is where Pawport comes in. Pawport works by using Bluetooth technology that detects the device on your dog’s collar, so only your pet is allowed through. This small, waterproof device can also have your pet’s identification (pictured below). This means you can finally rest easy knowing your dog can come and go as they please while preventing unwanted animals from entering your home.

Pawport intelligent pet door also has customizable settings for owners who want to tailor the device to their needs. You can adjust the rangefinder sensitivity, door-opening speed, door-open distance, and how long it takes to close. If you have an anxious dog who likes to rush into the house, you can adjust the settings to ensure your dog gets inside the house at a steady pace. Also, don’t worry; the door has a sensitivity control and will immediately open up if it detects resistance. You won’t crush your pet.

You can purchase a variety of aesthetically pleasing dog doors to match your home’s personality. These include colors like Napa, Brushed Nickel, Nantucket, etc. Each door also includes LED accent lighting that the app can also control.

In addition to its sleek design and customizable settings, Pawport has an app allowing you to monitor your dog’s activity. The app tracks how long your dog has been outside and how many times your dog has come through. This information lets pet owners track daily exercise routines and ensure their dogs get enough outdoor time. Moreover, because Pawport can provide synchronized data through the cloud, users can easily keep track of their dogs’ habits and monitor their progress.

One of the other benefits of Pawport is its user-friendly interface. Unlike other doggie doors that require installation, Pawport is attached to the existing door, making it quick and easy to set up.

The hardest part is determining the door size you need to install. The Pawport is available in three size configurations.

Not only is it easy to install, but its app interface is also designed with the user in mind — no clunky, confusing user interfaces. The app has a simple setting interface for those who want to change the device, lock and unlock the door during a schedule, and display information in an easy-to-understand format. If, for some reason, your smartphone is not an option, the Pawport has top manual controls for ease of use.

The Pawport door can last for weeks on the included two Li-ion battery packs, which can be easily recharged by USB-C when the power is getting low. The rechargeable collar device needs only to be charged every few months.

Conclusion and Takeaways:

I take solace in the fact these Pawport doors are already in production. The company is looking to start shipping these in the second quarter of 2024 with a starting price of $459. In a day and age where everyone prioritizes their pet, this dog door innovation is a welcome advancement.

Pawport is an innovative product quickly becoming a must-have for pet lovers. Its cutting-edge technology makes it easy for your pet to access your home and provides users with customizable features, convenient monitoring, and user-friendly interfaces. With Pawport, you will never have to worry about stray animals entering your home or monitor your pet’s activity in your absence. Pawport could be the perfect gadget for every pet owner who wants to make their life easier and provide the best possible care for their furry friend.


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