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The Gogoro Pulse Electric Smartscooter is the Latest Urban Transportation

Gogoro Calls its Electric Smartscooter the "Pulse" of Urban Transportation

The transportation landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, and at the helm of this change are electric vehicles (EVs). Spearheading the movement in two-wheeled EV innovation is Taiwan's Gogoro, known widely for its battery-swapping network and electric smart scooters. And now, with the reveal of their upcoming flagship model, the Gogoro Pulse, they're set to take urban mobility to the next level.


Gogoro is a name synonymous with intelligent electromobility and sustainability. Integrating IoT technology with an environmentally conscious battery-swap ecosystem has put them ahead in the EV sector, particularly in Asia's densely populated urban centers. This isn't my first time writing about this company, as an earlier article focused on its Crossover scooter marketed as an SUV.

Now, they aim to up the ante with the launch of the Gogoro Pulse.

The Gogoro Pulse: Key Features

The Pulse is poised to raise the bar for electric scooters with features designed for tech-savvy commuters who refuse to compromise on performance. While some details are sparse, here is what we know thus far.

Quick Acceleration and Torque

The Gogoro Pulse isn't just a green alternative; it's a power-packed machine that promises to deliver surprising acceleration and ample torque, guaranteeing a spirited ride whether you're maneuvering through city traffic or cruising on open roads. The company states the Pulse can go from 0 to 50km/h (31mph) in 3.05 seconds.

Snapdragon-powered Smarts

Its Snapdragon processor, the first in the electric scooter industry, sets the Pulse apart. This allows for unprecedented connectivity, infotainment, and innovative features at your fingertips.

Compared to other electric scooters, these smart capabilities should enhance the riding experience and provide essential diagnostics and efficiency feedback to help maintain the scooter's optimal performance.

Active Matrix Light

Gogoro has incorporated a unique lighting scheme that focuses light where it is needed most. The LEDs shine brighter based on the rider's speed and turns, precisely cornering.

Intuitive Display

The display is ample, coming in at 10.25", and is high-definition and Touch-sensitive, with full access to the various ride modes, turn-by-turn navigation, and the bike's telemetrics.

Benefits for Commuters

For those navigating the daily grind, the Gogoro Pulse offers numerous advantages, not the least of which is a good-looking ride.

Convenient Battery Swapping Network

As mentioned earlier, Gogoro's widespread battery-swapping stations mean no more waiting for a charge. Commuters can swap and go, making the Pulse a triumph of convenience over typical charging downtimes.

Cutting-edge Technology and Performance

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, the Pulse delivers high performance while offering features such as an innovative battery management system that ensures reliability and extended life of the vehicle.

Customization Options

Personalization is also at the forefront, as riders can tweak the six riding modes to match their style and preferences, adding another layer of enjoyment to the riding experience.

Ideal for Tourers

With functionality transcending the urban setting, the Pulse is an ideal partner for tourers.

Long-range Capabilities

The Pulse is engineered for those extended rides, boasting long-range capabilities that support the thrill of discovery without the range anxiety typically associated with electric vehicles. The Pulse should hit 72mph (116km/h) and have a 105-mile range per battery swap. This is based on an average bike speed of 30mph. Depending on how heavy you are on the throttle you can expect the range to decrease accordingly.

Comfort and Storage Features

Additionally, the Pulse pays attention to comfort and storage, essential considerations for those looking to hit the road for extended periods.


The launch of the Gogoro Pulse represents a continued improvement in the electric smart scooter industry. It is not just about a new product but about pushing the boundaries of what such a vehicle can provide. The company is looking for a summer launch for its first Taiwanese customers—no word yet on expanded rollout and pricing.

With the electric smartscooter Pulse, Gogoro sets a new standard in urban transportation that combines exhilaration with ecological responsibility and practicality with pleasure. It's clear that for the urban commuter, the touring enthusiast, and the EV fanatic, the Gogoro Pulse stands not as a mere option but as a beacon of the future of urban mobility.

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