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Gogoro’s Crossover Electric Scooter: The Self-Proclaimed First Two-Wheeled SUV

Gogoro's Crossover Electric Scooter SUV Was Built For All-Terrain

Gogoro, the Taiwanese electric scooter company, has recently launched its newest innovation, the CrossOver and Crossover S electric scooter SUV. The Crossover scooter is said to be the world's first two-wheeled SUV powered by its robust swappable battery network with a range of up to 93 miles (150km). The CrossOver comes with various accessories and expandable mounting points, making it the perfect customizable solution for commuting. With its 6.8 iQ system, the CrossOver offers unique, innovative features for electric vehicle enthusiasts and early adopters. Read on to learn more about this fantastic new vehicle.

The Crossover has a lot going for it, with many features and benefits, not the least of which is its durability. The company put much effort into making the Crossover ready for robust travel. The frame was built for various or all-terrain road conditions starting with the frame. Here, they focus on providing increased rigidity, improving the strength and stability of the vehicle. With the addition of 14.2 centimeters of ground clearance, the rider can get more aggressive on the back roads.

As mentioned, the CrossOver scooter is powered by Gogoro's swappable batteries. Gogoro has a network of over 1 million swappable batteries available at kiosks like these across Taiwan.

This makes it easy for riders to get a new battery whenever needed. What a tremendously convenient option over traditional hooking up and charging.

The CrossOver's 7.6kW liquid-cooled motor provides a smooth and powerful ride, and the bike can reach speeds approaching and possibly exceeding 50mph. The scooter emphasizes safety with SBS brakes, LED lighting, and high-visibility features.

One of the unique features of the CrossOver is its expandable mounting points, which make it easy to attach accessories like storage, phone holders, and more.

The scooter is built to carry two riders, with the rear seat being elevated for better viewing.

When a passenger isn't riding, the seat can be removed or flipped for storage capability.

Gogoro has also made sure the scooter is customizable, with various color and design options available. Moreover, the 6.8 iQ system adds connectivity and intelligent features that allow riders to control and monitor the vehicle from their smartphone, including remote command and location tracking.

Gogoro's CrossOver Electric Scooter SUV is perfect for commuters who care about the environment and want a comfortable, customizable ride. The swappable battery system and long-range means riders don't have to worry about running out of power during their daily commute. The intelligent connectivity features make it easy to stay connected and monitor the vehicle's condition, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.


Gogoro's CrossOver electric scooter SUV is another excellent option in the electric vehicle industry, offering a unique new approach to commuting. The swappable battery system, long-range, and intelligent connectivity features make it attractive for commuters, technophiles, early adopters, and electric vehicle enthusiasts alike. The customizable design and mounting points make it perfect for personalization to suit individual riding needs. With Gogoro leading the way in electric transportation, seeing their next innovation is exciting. The CrossOver's global rollout is highly anticipated, and we are anxiously waiting to see where this larger-than-life two-wheeled SUV will take us.


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