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The P1 Infinite Machine is a Personal Electric Scooter Like No Other

P1 Infinite Machine  Personal Electric Scooter is Focused On Post Car Transportation

Electric vehicles have undoubtedly brought a significant revolution in the automotive industry. These eco-friendly vehicles can be a great solution to the rising environmental concerns and help reduce carbon emissions. Infinite Machine is a company that has taken up the challenge of creating the most compelling non-cars. Their first product, P1, is unique, to say the least, in the electric vehicle industry. In this blog post, we will look deeper into the details of P1, a radical new personal electric vehicle that pairs cutting-edge industrial design with breakthrough performance and utility.

The P1 by Infinite Machine is a revolutionary personal electric scooter that offers unmatched comfort and convenience. The machine features a radical design that is elegant and futuristic. With its sleek frame and dynamic lines, the P1 is a sight to behold. The design team at Infinite Machine has focused on every detail of the vehicle to offer users the most sophisticated and luxurious experience. Constructed using premium aluminum and resilient steel, this vehicle is a sight to behold in the available silver and black configurations.

However, the P1 is not just about aesthetics. The vehicle is engineered to offer exceptional performance and unparalleled utility. With the included 6kW hub motor, the P1 can deliver up to two driving modes. Mode 1 (Eco) requires no motorcycle license and limits the vehicle's speed to 35 mph. Mode 2 (Performance), when engaged, will take the vehicle to 55 mph, and it is here a motorcycle license will need to be acquired. As an added plus, once the vehicle's peak speed has been achieved, it has a turbo boost for a little more oomph. Need to get out of a tight spot or parking place? The P1 has included the handy reverse mode to make maneuvering all the more simple. Also, don’t worry; the vehicle is designed to handle all kinds of terrains, making it an ideal option for urban and suburban use.

P1 has a dual 72V (30ah) battery system, providing a range of up to 60 miles, making it a perfect fit for daily commuting and weekend adventures. You can always add two more batteries for additional power and range. The batteries are removable and can be charged within 4 to 6 hours and in time to get you back on the road.

The P1’s wealth of storage and carrying capabilities is not to be forgotten. P1 has a rear modular system that allows adding different modules like storage, rack, speaker, and even a trailer. These modules can easily be added and removed, as pictured here:

You will find additional storage under the steering column, between your legs while riding, and even under the seat:

The P1 Infinite Machine personal electric scooter also has numerous features that make the driving experience more convenient and enjoyable. In addition to remote unlock and theft protection, the vehicle is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display that allows users to control various functions like music, GPS, and vehicle settings. P1 is also the first scooter of its kind to offer Apple Carplay:

Infinite Machine envisions a post-car future where humanity and nature thrive together. With P1, Infinite Machine takes one step towards achieving this goal. The vehicle is designed to be environmentally friendly, and it releases no carbon emissions. The machine is also low on maintenance, ensuring it contributes to lowering carbon footprints. This brings us to the vehicle’s cost, which hits the $10,000 mark. Considerably cheaper than a car with loads of potential. The first lot of P1’s was limited to 1000 units, which has since sold out. Subsequent lots could become available once production ramps up, but optimistically, first deliveries aren’t expected before the end of 2024.


The P1 Infinite Machine personal electric scooter is set to change the industry. The sleek design, exceptional performance, and unmatched convenience make P1 an ideal choice for urban and suburban commuters. The vehicle is also eco-friendly, further underlining Infinite Machine’s commitment to a post-car future. P1 by Infinite Machine is more than a personal electric vehicle; it’s a symbol of the future of private transportation. As electric vehicle enthusiasts, technophiles, innovators, and commuters, we should look forward to the bright future of electric vehicles with Infinite Machine leading the way.


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