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The Droprack: Traveling With Rooftop Cargo Was Never This Easy!

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The Simplicity and Functionality of a Droprack

As I gear up for another weekend excursion traveling North, I always struggle with packing the car and having enough room. I am sure this is the case with many travelers who bring too much or not enough. There are several ways to solve this problem, starting with buying a larger vehicle (not an option in my case). The other option I wanted to explore was vehicle rooftop storage. Rooftop storage is convenient and cumbersome all in one. Fortunate to have extra storage, yet accessibility is lacking, and this is where the Droprack comes in.

It’s a simple concept in that the rack is affixed to the top of the vehicle, and a good portion can be cranked down to a comfortable loading position (pictured below).

Make use of the crank (pictured below), whether down or back to roof position, throughout the process.

Rest assured, the product has several locking mechanisms in place as the load can’t be released accidentally (unless you don’t have them strapped correctly).

Dropracks offers two versions of this handy car accessory, the Dropracks Sport and the Dropracks XL. Which model will depend on your vehicle roof surface area, and a fitting/installation guide can be found directly on their website.

The cost seems reasonable for each:

Dropracks Sport: $2005 before taxes and delivery

Dropracks XL: $2313 before taxes and delivery

These racks will carry most of what you throw at it, with the Sport version holding (165 lbs) and the XL holding a little more at (176lbs). I only wish I had known about these sooner!

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