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Imagine a Device That Can Make Water From Thin Air!

How Valuable is this Technology?

A view of cool, clear water.
Water (meidia by Wix)

In a previous article, I wrote about a recreational vehicle (Living Vehicle) incorporating the patented WaterGen system. WaterGen is an atmospheric water generator that creates potable drinking water out of the surrounding air. This particular piece of technology completed the missing piece of the off-grid puzzle: our dependency on clean water.

So how does WaterGen accomplish this task? The external vent/blower draws in the surrounding air at high speeds through an air filter. At this initial point, all foreign particulate and dust are captured. The higher the air intake rate, the more energy efficient the system is. It is here the unique heat exchange module uses condensation as the means to collect fresh water. The captured condensation accumulates in the buffer tank before it is channeled through the enhanced filtration system, followed by the UV light to destroy all microbes. Finally, the water is stored in the drinking tank until the water is needed.

WaterGen makes it a point to call out that the system is scalable. This means it can be made as big (Bring water to towns) or small as needed. As stated in the title of this article, “Imagine the possibilities.” I can envision this being an option in some of the upcoming luxury cars. Also known as WaterGen mobility, can you see this in your next BMW or Bentley? What will something like this cost? It was a $20,000 option in the Living Vehicle RV.

How about taking WaterGen mobility a step further with Mobile Box?

The Mobile Box comes with all the features you expect of a WaterGen system, such as premium filtration and UV sterilization. Even more critical, the Mobile Box will generate up to 20 liters of potable water daily. This WaterGen system is the most portable system they have offered to date, and it is powered by 12V. Plug the unit in and await your freshwater supply. You can get this mobile unit for the price tag of $3000. This is a small price for the magical ability to generate water out of thin air!

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