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The Electric Surfing Market Just Got Bigger!

Welcome to the competition XFoil!

A side-view of the XFoil electric surfboard on a beach.
XFoil (media by JC)

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about an eFoil made by a company called Lift:

The playing field just became a little larger with the introduction of the XFoil by PLX Devices, Inc. I suppose it was just a matter of time before the competition started to go after the original inventor, Lift. As best as I understand it, the XFoil is incredibly similar in style but is not as robust in the sizing and customization as the Lift eFoils. The board sizing is limited to a 5'7" (pictured below), whereas the eFoil by Lift has four different board sizes and a limitless set of options. Of course, this is not unexpected for a well established company in the eFoil market.

With pricing options beginning at $10,000 and topping off at $14,000, XFoil is very comparable in price. It is a very worthy competitor with a range of 25 miles, a top speed of 30mph, and a runtime of 75 minutes. If you opt for the larger battery option, the runtime is boosted to 120 minutes and 40 miles of range.

You can choose between the standard or sports package, with the differences being in the overall construction of the wing/tail. The standard wing/tail package is fiberglass, whereas the sports package is carbon fiber. The sport package also receives surf fins for better maneuverability, a faster battery charger, and the surf/foil hybrid mast set.

Both packages include the same carbon fiberboard:

A full view of the carbon fiberboard offering of the XFoil.
Carbon Fiber Board (media by JC)

and the intuitive remote, which is equipped to shut down the board should you fall into the water:

An ergonomically designed remote to fit the hand comfortably.
Remote (media by JC)

The real surprise comes in the Indiegogo campaign, where an early backer can pick up one of these standard boards for a starting price of $3799 or a 62% savings. With an expected delivery date of August, you could have one of these in time for mid-summer. This could be you:

A novice eFoiler surfing on open water.
Novice foiling (media by JC)

Final Thoughts:

Although the list of customizations is not nearly as robust as Lift’s extensive list, I am certain PLX will expand its offerings in the next few years. The PLX offering is appealing at the $3799 price, making this the most palatable offering so far. If I were going to spend the $10,000, I would opt for the Lift option, given their track record and customizations. Only time will tell how this market develops over the next few years. Give PLX Devices time as they have to get their feet wet! (pun intended)


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