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The "Canoo" Electric SUV Comes With Promise

This Vehicle Has A Unique Look

I recently came across an electric vehicle called the “Canoo,” also known as a Lifestyle Vehicle. With the goal of launching this ride later this year, it promises to be highly versatile and offer more functionality for city explorers, businesses, families, and adventurers. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Canoo and what sets it apart from other electric vehicles on the market.

The Canoo is a new electric vehicle being developed by a company of the same name. The Canoo is unique in both its design and its functionality. It all starts with their electric skateboard, also known as their platform pictured here:

The platform is designed to be a solid chassis, which is also home to the batteries that power the ride. All of this is very similar to how Tesla develops their vehicles. With this particular platform, the possibilities become plentiful with various body styles, with this article’s focus on their SUV option. In the company's own words


It is being billed as a “lifestyle vehicle” that will be able to meet the needs of a variety of different people. Even the company refers to this uniquely designed ride as a “loft on wheels,” and it is easy to see why with a possible interior like this:

Canoo is designed to be highly versatile and will offer several different features that make it ideal for city living. Not to disappoint most of the electric vehicle population, but Canoo does not provide a frunk as this space has been reserved for a front viewing window. All unused space has been divided up amongst the rest of the SUV’s interior.

A view out the front of the Canoo showing the window viewing experience.
Canoo Viewing Window (media by Canoo)

Here is a view of the entire dash:

One of the most notable features of the Canoo is its innovative design. The Canoo has been designed with a focus on functionality and versatility. It has a unique, modular design that allows for various configurations. The Canoo can be configured to seat up to seven people in its Premium trim, making it ideal for families or groups. They have a Base trim with a simple five-person sitting. It can also be configured for cargo-hauling or towing (Delivery Trim), making it perfect for city explorers or businesses. The Delivery option has a payload of roughly 1543 lbs.

Here is a closer look at the deliveries cargo hold:

Another notable feature of the Canoo is its all-electric powertrain. The Canoo will have a range of up to 250 miles on a single charge, making it perfect for urban travelers. The battery comes in at a healthy 80 kWh. The all-electric powertrain also gives the Canoo instant torque and responsive acceleration, making it fun to drive. The motor puts out an impressive 350hp.

The Canoo is scheduled to launch later this year or early 2023 and promises to be a unique addition to the electric vehicle market. If you’re looking for an electric vehicle that offers more than just transportation, then the Canoo might be right.

Conclusion: The Canoo is an all-new electric vehicle that promises to offer something unique for city dwellers and urban explorers alike. Unfortunately, there are quite a few unknowns with this vehicle. We know that the Delivery variant, briefly described above, will start at a reasonable price of around $35,000 and quickly go up from here. I can imagine even this entry model vehicle will easily exceed $40,000 with tax, title, and delivery fees coming into the equation. The talk of additional options and vehicle colors is not mentioned, as this is still very early in the game for Canoo.

With this vehicle's innovative design, versatile configurability, and all-electric powertrain, the Canoo is sure to turn heads when it finally hits the streets but the more I look at their timeline; even 2023 looks a bit overly optimistic. Keep an eye out for this one!


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