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The 2021 16" Macbook Pro is a Game Changer!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

I Can't Say Enough About the 2021 16" Macbook Pro, But I Will Try!

Apple has outdone itself with this fine piece of equipment. As I have spoken on several occasions, the 2021 16-inch Macbook Pro is a powerhouse in its own right.

I have been reading articles, jumping from website to website, and now I am typing this article. Since yesterday afternoon, I have not charged this laptop, and I am still at the following battery percentage after heavy usage (notice Google Chrome).

A screenshot of remaining battery strength after heavy usage.
View of Battery Strength (media by JC)

If for no other reason, the fact I can unplug and stay unplugged for a good deal of time speaks volumes for the amount of battery power this beast has. As luck would have it, Creative Bloq wrote an article that supports my belief.

The article calls out one negative to the 16" Macbook Pro is the size of the unit. Trust me, a 16" screen is not for everyone, but I have already stated that the 14" did not suit my eyes in a previous article.

I welcome the numerous connections starting with the return of the Magsafe cable. With the 16", you are given the 140-watt power adaptor. Topping off your laptop with a 140-watt charging cable takes very little time. Expect a 50% charge in thirty minutes. With a feature like this, you really will never experience battery anxiety. With the MagSafe cable comes additional USB-C ports (It has 3). I don’t have spare any spare Magsafe cables, but I have an ample supply of USB-C cables and power bricks. I will never be without the ability to charge or to hook up with this laptop. I can buy an additional hub to increase my capabilities if I feel the need.

The processing power is quite impressive. I use a host of Adobe products and the computer renders the images and videos without skipping a beat. Of course, I expect this as I was able to do all of this with my old 2014 Macbook Pro. Now I can do it all much faster without any hiccups. I am the perfect customer for this unit because I marvel at the improvements. Let’s face it; they have made tremendous strides in seven years. I expect the M1 chip to continue to impress for years to come.

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