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I Sold My Old 2014 Macbook Pro!

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

I Received Less Than Originally Quoted.

I have written two articles about my success with the new 2021 Macbook Pro. First, with the 14″ and then my jump to the 16″. I can’t rave enough about how much an improvement this new model is over my previous Macbook Pro, but my next task was to sell the 2014 model.

I had worked with several companies and gauged the worth of the unit. The best offer came in at $325.22, which I thought was fair for a unit I had used for seven solids years. As usual, they ask you to describe the laptop. I used a screen shield and clear body case for the computer, so the unit was in stellar shape cosmetically. Any bumps or jars are 100% absorbed by the outer protective case, provided you don’t drop this computer off a building.

The laptop had to be in working order to receive the total amount. I had to ensure a working power adaptor was sent back with it. I hit these marks with flying colors. As an added measure, the outer shell and the screen shield were still in place before shipping.

I wiped the unit clean, making sure to sign out of all of my Apple programs (iTunes, iCloud, iMessage). Find My Mac disengaged, and the unit was returned to factory defaults. Into the shipping box went the Macbook with the power cable.

I was to receive a response within two weeks. This is what they sent back.

Quotation (media by JC)

I quickly wrote back to assure them I had sent back a “working” model. The unit most certainly worked prior to me shipping it back to them. I give them credit as they replied quickly with the following:

Revised Quotation (media by JC)

Sketchy, to say the least, but not too unexpected. Perhaps the company should have led with the battery being worn out rather than calling out the “Non-Working.” Needless to say, $255.22 is better than nothing!

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