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Essential Items for My New Macbook Pro!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Items to ensure it sees 2023 and beyond!

Essentials For My Macbook Pro 16′

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If there is one thing, I view the Macbook Pro as is an investment. My last Macbook gave me a solid seven years, and it was time to replace it with Apple’s 2021 offerings. My next goal was to ensure the new laptop would last for the next seven years. To do so, I would need the proper protective gear.

My first purchase would be a shell for the computer. My last Macbook was protected by Incase’s hardshell offering. This would be my number 1 purchase to protect the laptop from bumps and incidental hard contact. When I sought out to buy the needed hardshell compatible with my computer, I was in for a surprise with a long lead time. As of this writing, I will not receive this item until the very end of January. (Update 1/2/22: The INCASE offering showed up early. It is not compatible with the latest Macbook Pro. I will have to wait until they offer something that is).

With this knowledge, I opted to buy another less costly option from UESWILL. Trust me, I wasn’t expecting much, but at roughly half the price, I figured it would do in a pinch. I received this within a few days and quickly affixed it to my laptop. Is it the perfect option? Not really, but it provides the protection I need for now as I await the arrival of the Incase offering.

Added Note: 01/12/2022 (Special shout out to Stuart Marcus who mentioned a site with a plethora of available cases and skins here at Uniqfind).

Next up, just as I did with my last unit, I wanted to protect the screen. Spigen has a Tempered Glass Screen I was quick to snatch up. It was straightforward to apply with a plastic sheath calling out both front and back. Update 01/9/22: It is not made for the latest 2021 Macbook Pro 16. The items description is very misleading. As I found out the hard way, there is a black border that outlines the screen’s perimeter. This means you will lose the ability to see the menu bar.

I jumped online and found this a good substitute until Spigen gets their act together. FILMEXT offers one which should serve its function of protecting my screen.

Don’t forget some way to transport your Macbook Pro safely. I bought a Thule Sleeve and have never looked back. I have had this for several years, and it has never let me down. They don’t currently sell this version anymore, but they haven’t changed much over the years. Why mess with a good thing?

The last two items on the list involve keeping the screen clean. There are two items I will always have with me:

  1. iRoller– A pretty unique device with its portability and its cleaning ability. Excellent for removing fingerprints from the screen.

2. You have to have a good screen cleaner and cloth to clean those marks the iRoller can’t get. The cleaner also proves quite effective in cleaning the hard shell that incases the laptop.

I bought an offering from VIUS.

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