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Segway's Latest Electric Motorcycle Entry is the Apex H2

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The Revolution of Hydrogen Energy on Full Display with Segway's Electric Motorcycle

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The world of electric motorcycles has seen significant advancements in recent years. Gone are the days of weak powertrains and limited ranges. Segway, one of the leading brands in personal electric transportation, has taken it up a notch with the Apex H2, a hybrid hydrogen-electric motorcycle that has disrupted the industry. The futuristic design and powerful powertrain make the Apex H2 a real game-changer. This post will explore Apex H2’s features and what sets it apart from other electric motorcycles.

Design — The Apex H2’s design is nothing short of spectacular, subjectively speaking, of course! Its unique-looking, single-sided swingarms at the front and rear give off an incredible levitating effect. Its bold use of LED lighting strips along its circumference creates a cyberpunk look that’s hard to miss. The designers at Segway have paid attention to every detail, including the flat wheel covers and aerodynamic bodywork. The Apex H2 looks like nothing else on the market.

Powertrain — Segway has created a hybrid system for the Apex H2, which uses hydrogen gas fuel cells to power an electric motor. The result is impressive, with a horsepower output of 80 and a top speed of approximately 93 miles per hour. The hydrogen storage technology used by Segway can be refueled in mere minutes, just like a conventional motorcycle. The range of the Apex H2 is estimated to be around 100 miles, which puts it ahead of many other electric motorcycles.

Riding Experience — The riding experience on the Apex H2 is unparalleled. The electric motor provides quick acceleration with smooth and vibration-free power delivery. The riding position is comfortable, with an upright posture that won’t strain your back. The suspension setup is impressive and can handle different terrains with ease. The Apex H2’s handling is top-notch, making it a breeze to maneuver through streets and tight corners.

Technology — The Apex H2 is loaded with cutting-edge technology. It has a 7-inch full-color display shows speed, battery level, and other vital information. The motorcycle also has a Bluetooth-enabled sound system that allows riders to stream music and take phone calls. The Apex H2 also has many riding modes, including a sport mode for high-speed rides and an Eco mode for more economical use. With a starting price of $10,700, it will be interesting to see if they hit their production estimation of late 2023.

Conclusion: Segway’s Apex H2 is an impressive motorcycle showcasing electric transportation advancements. Its unique design and hybrid powertrain make it a standout product in the market. From its eye-catching aesthetics to its remarkable technology and range, the Apex H2 is a worthy competitor to other electric motorcycles. As we move towards a future that relies less on fossil fuels, the Apex H2 is a prime example that electric motorcycles aren’t just feasible; they’re exceptional.


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